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Sound familiar?


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ما بعد ‘الأفول’ الأمريكي

ما نتابعه اليوم من تقلبات سياسية وتحولات اقتصادية، وتراجع نفوذ أمريكا في مناطق من العالم، وخيبة أملها في باكستان وحاكمها، وتزايد موجات العداء لسياساتها في تركيا، ونهوض "الدب" الروسي، و"ثبات" الموقف الإيراني، كل هذا وغيره كثير، ينبئ، بأن توازن القوى … Continue reading

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Finding Peace

خالد سويد – سورية صفحة الفنان

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Doctors, Torture, and the War

Physicians have the power to prevent more prisoner abuses. The first step: educate thyself. Dr. J. Wesley Boyd – October 28, 2007 Various reports have alleged physicians’ complicity in the mistreatment of prisoners being held by the United States at … Continue reading

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White Collar & Corporate Crime

By: bluegal @ 8:30 PM – PDT   This Youtube went up yesterday and it says a lot that needs to be said.   Yeah, yeah, it’s Ralph Nader, and what he says is true.

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Freedom Rider: Christian/Jewish Fascism Awareness Week

"Horowitz obsession is focused on Islam and on keeping Americans whipped into a frenzy of fear and hatred against all Muslims." If the world’s major religions are compared in terms of body count, it is clear that Islam should not … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist Jews Brutally Beaten by Israelis

Anti-Zionist Jews Brutally Beaten by Israelis

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