The Fanatical US-based Organization Exposed

By Khalid Amayreh

Journalist — Occupied Palestine

only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way. Destroy their holy
sites; kill their men, women, children, and even cattle.”

These are
not the words of a loony Jewish terrorist, marauding through the hills
of the West Bank in search for an elderly Arab peasant or shepherd to

In fact,
these words were uttered last week by Manis Friedman, a prominent and
highly-respected Chabad-lubavitch rabbi who is widely admired among
many Orthodox Jews, especially in the United States.

in response to a question posed by Moment Magazine for its “Ask the
Rabbis” feature, the Minnesota-based rabbi argued that “if we followed
this wisdom (killing innocent Arab men, women and children), there
would be no civilian casualties, no children in the line of fire, no
false sense of righteousness, in fact, no war.”

He went
on, “I do not believe in Western morality. Living by the Torah values
will make us the light to the nations who suffer defeat because of a
disastrous morality of human invention.”

views are not marginal or unrepresentative within the Chabad movement —
a supremacist worldwide Jewish sect with huge financial and political
influence in Israel and North America.

Friedman himself is not a fringe rabbi within the Chabad-Lubavitch
movement. For many years, he was the English translator for the
Lubavitcher Rebb (M. M. Schneurssohn), and at his urging, he founded
Beis Chana; a network of campus and schools for Jewish women.

his views, Friedman argued that he was only quoting from the Torah. He
further argued that he was not actually urging Israel to kill en mass
Palestinian men, women, and children, saying that he only believed that
Israel should publicly say that it is willing to “do these things in
order to scare Palestinians”.

a Jewish neighbor by the name of Shmarya Rosenberg, was quoted as
saying that “the comment in Moment is not an aberration from his
experiences with Friedman and many other Chabad rabbis.”

“What he is saying is the standard normal view of Chabadniks. They just do not say it in public,” Rosenberg continued.                         More…………………

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