Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

Israeli press is abuzz with commentaries regarding the Report of the
United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, which can be

Below, find two of the best reports on the situation, both from HaAretz.


Amira Hass / The one thing worse than denying the Gaza report

On Friday
an Israel Defense Forces soldier called to protest the publication of
another story in Haaretz which in his words, tainted not only the
troops’ image but also his Sabbath day.

The soldier was referring to Gaza resident Zinat Samouni’s account
of how soldiers killed her 46-year-old husband and their 4-year-old son
Ahmed – just two of the 29 people of the same family the army killed
between January 4 and 5.

The soldier, who said he participated in the fighting, said he
didn’t believe the women’s statements were true, though he did believe
soldiers “scrawled stupid things on the walls, and that’s really not

This is a
common Israeli solution – in this case, to admit to the graffiti’s
existence, but downplay its seriousness or view it as everyday Israeli
high jinks.

Everything else can be denied. It can always be said that
photographs of civilians killed were fabricated. The Palestinians’
accounts can be dismissed as lies, intrigues of Hamas, embellishment
or, at best, facts taken out of context since Gazans are, after all,
afraid of what Hamas would do to them if they told the truth.                     More……………………

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