Flight 253 Cover-Up: “No Smoking Gun” Claims Undercut by New Disclosures

by Tom Burghardt / January 25th, 2010

one month after passengers foiled an attempted suicide bomb attack
aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 as it approached Detroit on
Christmas Day, new information reveals that the White House and U.S.
security agencies had specific intelligence on accused terrorist, Umar
Farouk Abdulmutallab, far earlier than previously acknowledged.

Along with new reports, evidence suggests that the administration’s
cover-up of the affair has very little to do with a failure by the
intelligence apparatus to “connect the dots” and may have far more
serious political implications for the Obama administration, and what
little remains of a functioning democracy in the United States, than a
botched bombing.

What the White House and security officials have previously
described only as “vague” intercepts regarding “a Nigerian” has now
morphed into a clear picture of the suspect–and the plot.

The New York Times
revealed January 18 that the National Security Agency “learned from a
communications intercept of Qaeda followers in Yemen that a man named
“Umar Farouk”–the first two names of the jetliner suspect, Umar Farouk
Abdulmutallab–had volunteered for a coming operation.”

According to Times’ journalists Eric Lipton, Eric Schmitt
and Mark Mazzetti, “the American intelligence network was clearly
listening in Yemen and sharing that information.” Indeed, additional
NSA intercepts in December “mentioned the date of Dec. 25, and
suggested that they were ‘looking for ways to get somebody out’ or ‘for
ways to move people to the West,’ one senior administration official

Clearly, the administration was “worried about possible terrorist
attacks over the Christmas holiday.” These concerns led President Obama
to meet December 22 “with top officials of the C.I.A., F.B.I. and
Department of Homeland Security, who ticked off a list of possible
plots against the United States and how their agencies were working to
disrupt them,” the Times reports.

“In a separate White House meeting that day” the Times
disclosed, “Mr. Obama’s homeland security adviser, John O. Brennan, led
talks on Yemen, where a stream of disturbing intelligence had suggested
that Qaeda operatives were preparing for some action, perhaps a strike
on an American target, on Christmas Day.”                                                               More……………………………

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