By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

The new audio tape from “Osama bin Laden”
taking responsibility for the idiotic and childish incident in Detroit
where moronic Nigerian armed with a useless “bomb” is simply too much. 
Now using audio tapes because, supposedly, nobody in Al Qaeda got a
flash drive video recorder for Christmas is even more of a joke. 
Please, with the hundreds of millions our Saudi allies have given to
terrorists, a video camera the size of an Ipod might have been a nice
touch.   Even funnier was releasing the audio, using algorithm software
probably illegally downloaded off the internet, and giving it to Al

Pundit Debbie Schussell,
former Mark Siljander (VT staff writer) staffer, has bitterly
complained about the strong ties between Fox News and Al Jazeera.  Fox
owner, Rupert Murdoch, is the most powerful “influencer” of the
ultra-rightists in Israel.  Attempts by the press to present Al Jazeera
of today as the “pro-terrorist” media it seemed like many years ago is
an epic misrepresentation. 

A further abuse, of course, is not only
that we are no longer seeing the easily debunked bin Laden doubles
whose video tapes were “mysteriously” released by SITE Intelligence,
the Rita Katz/Israeli group that seems to find them in trash bins
behind delicatessens.  The “new” audio tape itself contains statements
claiming credit for 9/11 in direct contradiction to the real bin Laden
videos, the only ones authenticated.  If you wondered why the FBI
doesn’t list Osama bin Laden as a suspect in 9/11, I think you have
your answer.  If they think the bin Laden “admissions” aren’t
credibile, I wonder who the FBI is investigating or if they have simply
been told to mind their own business.

The terrorist incident itself is the last
thing Al Qaeda would ever take responsibilty for despite the claims by
SITE Intelligence that they found an unnamed and unverified internet
site that confirmed this.  Who in the name of all that is holy would
want to take responsibility for an idiot who was led onto an American
bound plane by passing around searches, customs and passport control in
an airport run by an Israeli security company but who carried a “bomb”
designed by a three year old. 

Who would be so stupid as to try to pass
off this childish tape when reliable witnesses saw the terrorist being
led onto the plane in Amsterdam in a manner that required full
cooperation from security personnel, passport control and the airline
itself.  We don’t even have to go into the fact that the “terrorists”
in Yemen that supposedly claimed responsibilty were released from
Guantanamo under the personal signature of Vice President Cheney in
2007 or that before the incident, the government of Yemen tied these
individuals to Israeli controllers thru captured computers.

I am only thankful that the duped
terrorist, or as Lee Oswald had said, “patsy”, was the moronic son of a
long time Mossad business associate in Nigeria.  Mr. Mutallab, banker,
but mostly head of Nigeria’s defense industry, DICON, managed  almost
entirely by Israelis, may have much more story to tell other than the
one he told CIA Chief of Station on November 19, 2009.  Do we want to
follow former Homeland Security director Chertoff, not only a Jewish
activist but currently representing companies selling body scanners to
airports and the mysterious ability for someone on worldwide terrorist
watch lists to be escorted onto a US bound airliner without passport or

Billions in profits were realized almost
instantly after this incident.  Companies tied to Chertoff, Israel and
India were on the receiving end.

The only reliable information the world
has on Osama bin Laden is that he was killed by American troops on
December 13, 2001 and buried outside Tora Bora by his following, 30
Mujahideen.  At least 6 of these witnesses were alive at last check. 
Since his death, every “leaked” video or statement has been timed
for convenient electoral “terrorist” scares, been childishly
unprofessional and has only worked to discredit Islam. 

Every effort has been made by the
MSM/corporate press to cover the facts behind the Christmas “bombing”
and push the blame on everyone but the obvious culprits.  That effort
was deemed so successful that now a brazen attempt to resurrect long
dead Osama bin Laden to take responsibilty for trying to set off a bomb
with a flame igniter that could only be exploded using a blasting cap,
is being made.

Is this an attempt to make Al Qaeda look stupid?

“My name is Osama
bin Laden.  I had a moron carry a defective bomb onto a plane full of
Islamic families returning to Detroit, the most Muslim city in the
west, as part of a terror campaign.  I chose a flight that connected
from  the Middle East  so I could kill as many of the innocent faithful
as possible.  Please excuse this and the dozen or other mistakes made
but being dead has left me less sharp than I once was.  No, I do not
work for the Mossad, they simply tape and distribute my interviews. 
This is part of an agreement with my talent agent who is Jewish.  All
talent agents are Jewish, ask anyone in Hollywood. What do you expect,
miracles? 10% of nothing is nothing.

For my faithful
followers, I expect to be a regular on Californication next season on
Showtime.  I’ll be the guy with the beard who seems dead.”                                                                          More……………………….

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