Oil in Haiti

Drlove writes: "This is an article
from haitiimpact.com and I felt compelled to bring it to your MONITOR
with brute force. If we are not informed, others will always view us as
a bunch of late Negroes of information. I tried my best to translate it
into English. The original document is in French, you may click on the
link above to read it as such.

It is nothing new to the avid readers of the truth around the
globe. It is not a secret. Most people are aware of the fact that HAITI
has the BLACK diamond buried deep under its land and its surrounding
waters. One has to wonder why it is still unexploited.

At the beginning of 20th century, the physical and political
card of the Island of Haiti, drawn up in 1908 by Mr. Alexandre Poujol
and Henry Thomasset, announced a significant oil reservoir in Haiti in
the vicinity of source of Rio Todo El Mondo,(Perhaps that’s where the
name THOMONDE came from) Affluent of right-hand side of the river
Artibonite, more known today under the name of Rivière of Thomonde.

layer of oil in question is located between the districts of Hinche and
Mirebalais, in a mountainous zone, located at the foot of the chain of
the Black Mountains, in western direction full with Thomonde.

The same card announces an oil reservoir in the Dominican plain of
Azua, at a short distance in the north of the Dominican Republic of the
town of Azua. According to information to my sources, this last layer
in Dominican Republic had been put indeed in exploitation in first half
of this century it had produced more than 60.000 oil barrels per day,
then had been closed, having been judged at the time " insufficiently
profitable It was said that in 1982 it had been discovered opposite
this plain of Azua, an immense offshore oil rig oil reservoir near by
Barahona, but that layer had been left unexploited also.

Those who have made the trip between Port-au-Prince and
Santo-Domingo can testify that the plain of Azua and its littoral
resemble the region of Vieux-Bourg d’Aquin and the corresponding
littoral. There are reasonable chances that there are OIL RESERVOIRS in
the plain of Cayes and l’Ile-à-Vache as well.

One person even suspected that there might be OIL deposits in
Plaine de Léogane, Morne-à-Cabrit, and Département de la Grand-Anse

According to the study There are many places on our island (Haiti
and Dominican Republic) which present all the criteria geologic of
presence of THE BLACK DIAOMND In Haiti, let us say la plaine des Cayes,
la plaine de Léogane, la plaine du Cul-de-Sac, la plaine des Gonaïves
et la Savane désolée, la Plaine du Nord. The Island of Gonâve and
literal correspondents for the layers offshore oil rig. In this list,
one should not forget the large sedimentary basin of Plateau Central.

In the Fifties, the Knappen-Tippen-Abbet Company (called by the
local populations (Company Ti-pain à beurre) had carried out drillings
in Gonâve, in plain of plaine de Cul-de-Sac, Plateau-Central and in the
area of Gonaïves. All these drillings had proven extremely promising
and the results had been beyond the hopes. However, the large oil
multinationals, of which some operated in Haiti, had made pressure so
that the layers discovered were not exploited. Haiti was neither Saudi
Arabia nor Kuwait. With one time when the crude oil barrel was sold a
little more than one dollar, and that the Persian Gulf provided oil at
a cheaper price. There was no reason for these Companies to put in
exploitation layers much less profitable, whereas the ARAMCO made the
rain and beautiful time in Arabia, at cheap price, plundering even the
invaluable oil resources of this kingdom.

The Haitian OIL as well as other layers were to be kept as reserves
for 21st when the means-Eastern gold mine would have been depleted.
That is exactly what is happening. The wells of Knappen-Tippen-Abbet
were numbered, carefully padlocked, or sealed with cement and one
forgot them

These reports were not supposed to be made public to the Haitians.
It shows that the superpowers do not want Haiti to become a powerful
nation. The exploitation of these Oil Reservoirs could have easily
removed Haiti in the poorest Nation’s list in the Western hemisphere.

Haitians did not have to wait half-century or a century to find out
that information. However, the profitable countryside of
Knappen-Tibben-Abbet gave the opportunity to several Haitians schools,
preparing their certificate of Primary Studies and studying in the
handbook of Haitian geography to learn that our ground had oil
reservoirs, in Plateau Central, and la Gonâve.

Some of the industrialized nations already know there is oil
reservoir in Haiti. They are not in hurry to exploit it. There will
always be time to think of the island of Haiti

The great nations however did think of us at the time of the Gulf
crisis, the Kuwaitis layers Saudis, and other layers were threatened by
Saddam Hussein. If the Cubans had not made main efforts by themselves
to put their oil in exploitation, nobody would have done it for them.
The Cuban oil would have been placed in the entrails of the ground,
like the Haitian oil. The ball is in our camp my brethrens.

If the big companies are not interested in our oil, we should ask our Cuban neighbors to come help us exploit it.

In their dramatic search for oil, the Cubans developed a technology
and a know-how of which we could, in exchange of their services, yield
to the Cubans part of the national oil production and give them a share
of benefit. A mission of governmental persons in charge and Haitians
businessmen should leave for Cuba in this direction

The international embargo has shown us that we must manage all
alone, and we do not have to await the O.K. of the US when our vital
interests are in peril. We are aware of the way they treated us and
will treat us still in the future. Haiti only be saved by Haitians, and
by Haitians only, it is the principal lesson of the embargo

If our oil had been available, we would not have been forced to
capitulate shamefully following the oil blockade decided with the
contempt of the international law with their infamous resolution 841,
by the great powers bearing from now on the pompous and ridiculous name
of " international community" .

Our government, our big businessmen, our ultra-liberal economists,
our smugglers, our Chicago-Servant boys anti-nationals and others
ruffians, would have preferred imported air, rather than to put in
exploitation the resources of Haiti. With a zeal which it is difficult
to include/understand, they obey the finger and the eye with the
injunctions of the IMF and the World Bank, and are put with these two
organizations to destroy the Haitian economy, and in particular our
invaluable agriculture.

The two Republics should be committed by treaty providing oil
mutually some, which are the decisions of a third party. The
construction of a pipeline, Barahona-Port-au-Prince, could be an
element of this oil integration between the two countries which shares
the island.

While waiting to be able to consume our oil whose surpluses
provided also invaluable currencies, which we need, it is necessary to
increase the storage capacities of oil products on the territory of the
Republic, and to constitute significant strategic reserves. The oil
embargo of 1991 is in addition a substantial argument for the
rebuilding of our railroads.

by Dr. George Michel

Translated by Michael Dalexis"

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