Haiti’s Oil, Gold & Iridium Resources Explains the Post Earthquake Occupation/Invasion

Posted by sakerfa on January 27, 2010

(MetropoleHaiti) – Haiti’s oil reserves are larger than Venezuela’s, Haiti also has huge resources of Gold & Minerals like Iridium

Comment: Oil, Gold and Minerals resources like Iridium would explain
why the post earthquake occupation/invasion has taken place in Haiti by
the UN and US forces primarily. The EU is now also sending Poilce to

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U to send police force to Haiti

This article is translated from French – Translation might not be 100% correct. Source: metropolehaiti.com

Daniel and Ginette Mathurin indicate that under Haitian soil is rich in
oil and fuel fossible which were collected by Haitian and foreign
experts. “We have identified 20 sites Oil, launches Daniel Mathurin
stating that 5 of them are considered very important by practitioners
and policies.

The Central
Plateau, including the region of Thomond, the plain of the cul-de-sac
and the bay of Port-au-Prince are filled with oil, he said, adding that
Haiti’s oil reserves are larger than those of Venezuela . An Olympic
pool compared to a glass of water that is the comparison to show the
importance of oil Haitian compared to those of Venezuela, “he explains.

Venezuela is one of the world’s largest producers of oil.

Mathurin reveals that investigations of several previous governments
have allowed to verify the existence of these large deposits of oil. It
reminds a document of Lavalas party to power in 2004, had specified the
number of sites in Haiti hydrocarbons.

According to
Daniel et Ginette Mathurin, the lake region, with cities like Thomazeau
and Cornillon, contains large deposits of oil.

Asked about
the non-exploitation of these sites, Ginette Mathurin said that these
deposits are declared strategic reserves of the United States of
America. While stating his incomprehension of such a situation, it
reminds that the Caribbean is considered the backyard of the United

But Daniel
and Ginette Mathurin indicate that the U.S. government in 2005
authorized the use of strategic reserves of the United States. This
door must be used by the Haitian political négiciations to launch with
U.S. companies with a view to exploiting these deposits adds Daniel

Experts argue
that the government acted Jean Claude Duvalier had verified the
existence of a major oilfield in the bay of Port-au-Prince shortly
before its fall.

Daniel et Ginette Mathurin show that uranium 238 and 235 and the
deposit zyconium exist in several regions including in Jacmel. Uranium
is used in nuclear reactors to produce electrical energy.

Source: metropolehaiti.com

Haiti has huge resources of Gold and other Minerals

This article is translated from Spanish – Translation might not be 100% correct.

From: espacinsular.org

The former
president of the Dominican Petroleum Refinery (REFIDOMSA), Leopoldo
Espaillat Nanita, considered one of the solutions of the Haitian State
to pay its foreign debt and solve socio-economic issues that overwhelms
Haitians found in deposits of gold and other minerals that owns the
territory of the neighboring country.

Nanita revealed that according to geological studies and research
conducted on Haitian soil, indicating that the nation shares with the
Dominican Republic gold deposit, untapped world’s largest and a little
known and rare mineral that is vital for building of spacecraft and
other appliances extraterrestrial iridium. Estos dos recursos son
suficientes para aliviar la “pobre” realidad de los nacidos en Haití.
These two resources are sufficient to alleviate the “poor” reality of
those born in Haiti.

The architect
also claimed that these resources are poorly understood because of a
multinational conspiracy that aims to extract their natural wealth
Haitians, especially those derived from minerals that abound in the
neighboring state.

former president said that this group of firms and individuals in State
are dedicated to fostering poverty in Haiti, suggesting that the
Dominican Republic serves as a crutch to the centuries-old misery and
marginality living the vast majority of our neighbors.

In this
regard supported the pronouncements of the newly appointed Prime
Minister of Haiti, Jean-Max Bellerive, on the search for new
alternatives that will facilitate job creation and attracting foreign
investors to the smallest of the two who share the island of Hispaniola
instead of charges only to the Dominican nation.

admitted that in Haiti there is a national class, comprising
politicians and intellectuals-mainly belonging to Bellerive, concerned
that Haiti’s problems are resolved in its territory and not elsewhere,
such as its neighbor island.

Former energy
official made these statements in an interview conducted on the radio
program traces Leaving that airs Monday through Friday Dominican FM
station, in schedule 4 to 6 pm.

Source: espacinsular.org

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