“Stability and Justice and Right of Al-Quds and Palestine” – Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed

Speech by Yabhg Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad At The General Conference For The Support of Al Quds


1.  I would like to welcome participants at this General Conference
for the Support of Al-Quds and to thank the organizers for this
opportunity to speak on the subject of "Stability and Justice and Right
of Al-Quds and Palestine".

2.  We live in a world that is only partially civilized.  I say this
because we still believe that the way to solve conflicts between
nations is to kill people in what is called war.  The winner is the
side which succeeds in killing the most number of people.  Yet we
vehemently declare that killing people is murder, a terrible crime
worthy of the most severe punishment.  We are being openly
hypocritical.  Mass killing is glorious but killing one man is a
heinous crime.  There is something wrong with our thinking.  While one
can excuse those defending themselves there can be no excuse for the
aggressors who resort to killing.

3.  But that is not all.  We talk much of justice and the rule of
law.  We urge countries to uphold the rule of law.  But the very people
who talk most about the rule of law feel no embarrassment when they
themselves blatantly disregard the very laws which they want others to
respect and uphold.

4.  They world of today is one hypocritical mess.  Despite
high-sounding sentiments and slogans, the killings are still going on
and there is injustice everywhere.  The rich and the powerful are still
inventing, producing and equipping themselves with more and more
weapons of mass destruction (WMD) even as they go to war to stop others
from having the WMD.


5.  I would not be wrong if I say that the mess we are in today have
their origins in the western imperialism of the past.  During the
heyday of colonialism they had no compunction about drawing borders
which divided people, changing demography by moving large numbers of
people to occupy other people’s land, and when they had to give up
their empires time bombs were left everywhere, racial, religious,
economic, financial and military time bombs.  They then insisted on the
new states practising democracy even though they themselves had imposed
authoritarian rules when they were occupying their colonies.

6.  One of the greatest injustices done was to take Palestinian land
to give to the Jews to create the state of Israel.  It was so easy to
take what belongs to others in order to give to people who had been
giving you problems in your own country.  The Palestinians must be
sacrificed to save the Europeans from the depredations of the Jews.                                                         More………………………

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