Enough is Enough

Gilad Atzmon

January 30, 2010

The UK Jewish Chronicle is apparently stupid enough to unveil the
ferocity of Zionist lobbying within the British Government and its
corridors of power. The Jewish weekly is happy to outline the
relentless measures that are being taken by Jewish lobbyists in order
to Zionise the British legal system and its value system.

As one may assume the supporters
of Israel in Britain are far from happy about Britain’s magistrates
being able to implement ‘universal jurisdiction’ laws, laws that allow
local magistrates to issue arrest warrants for high profile foreign
visitors accused of war crimes. The rabid Zionist Jewish Chronicle is
obviously outraged because universal jurisdiction puts most of the
Israeli political and military echelon at a severe risk. Last month ex
Israeli Foreign minister Mrs. Tzipi Livini cancelled her visit to
Britain over fears that arrest warrants would be issued in connection
with accusations of war crimes under laws of universal jurisdiction.

Surely universal jurisdiction is
not a bad thing. It is actually an ethically orientated idea that is
there to prevent world leaders from abusing their powers and committing
crimes against humanity. It is also there to chase war criminals and to
stop them from celebrating their freedom. Yet, it is not very
surprising that the only political lobby in Britain that acts against
such a set of universal laws is the Zionist lobby.

While in the past Zionist
activists tried to hide their conspiratorial actions, JC political
editor Martin Bright and Chief editor Stephen Pollard are providing us
with a glimpse into the Jewish relentless political activity here.
"Will the government ever act?" they ask in their latest editorial as if the British government has to act in order to satisfy the Zionist will. 

Interestingly enough, the JC
editors do not offer a single ideological, ethical or legal argument
suggesting what is wrong with laws of universal jurisdiction except
suggesting that it is not good for the Jews or Israel.

The JC is rather outraged with
Justice Secretary Jack Straw who apparently fails to bow to Israeli
pressure. Considering Jack Straw is of  Jewish descent, the JC must
believe that it is entitled to use some measures to put him in the line
of fire. In spite of the fact that Straw is known in Britain for his
notorious call for Muslim women to remove their veils and also as a backer of the illegal invasion
of Iraq. The JC blames Straw for being too friendly with Muslims. "Mr
Straw is known to be highly sensitive to the views of his Muslim
constituents in Blackburn and is close to the Muslim Council of
Britain, which opposes a change to the law."

The JC should have also accepted
the fact that, bearing in mind Straw’s Jewish origin, it is just
natural for him to be reluctant to put a change into British law that
is there to solely to serve Israeli interests and stands in total
opposition to every universal and ethical value.

According to the JC, the Jews of
Britain should not be too worried. The Shadow Middle East minister
David Lidington is already in their pockets. "This has to be sorted and
quickly", says the shadow man. "It is very clear to me that this issue
is doing serious damage to relations with Israel".

JC also assures its Zionist readers that they have a man within the
government who is working hard serving their interests willingly and
even enthusiastically. David Miliband, the British foreign minister who
is also listed as an "Israeli Propaganda (Hasbara) author’ on an Israeli official Hasbara
site already announced his intention to change the law late last year.
According to the JC he is "pushing hard within Whitehall for a
solution". Earlier this month, says the JC "the Foreign Office briefed
that an announcement of the law change was imminent". I wouldn’t except
less from a listed ‘Hasbara author’

 But the JC is taking it even
further. In its JC Opinion editorial it says it is "Crystal clear who
is to blame" referring to Justice Secretary Straw and PM Brown

 "The time for excuses is over",
says the paper. "For weeks the government has been giving every
possible off-the-record promise that it would change the law on
universal jurisdiction. No longer would unsuitable magistrates be able
to issue warrants for the arrest of some of our closest allies". One
may wonder why exactly ‘on the record’ genocidal murderers such as
Livni, Barak or Olmert should be considered as ‘Britain closest
allies’. In fact these people are primary enemies of humanity and as
such they are also the enemy of Britain and any other  nation.

Seemingly, the JC, doesn’t just
talk on behalf of its editors. For some reason it prefers to talk in
the name of the ‘Jewish community’. "Mr Straw must take the Jewish
community for mugs if he thinks his behaviour is not transparent". The
only possible interpretation of this statement is that British Jewry
wants Britain to give up on universal Jurisdiction just to appease its

In case PM Brown is slightly
confused and doesn’t know how to react, the JC is there to tell him how
he should run Britain just to keep the Jewish community happy. "As for
the Prime Minister: all he has ever needed to do is make clear that he
backs Mr Miliband, and the issue would have been over". Considering
Miliband is listed as an ‘Israeli Propaganda author’ the message here
is clear. Britain better start to work for Israel and even change its
laws accordingly so it can easily comply with Israeli unethical conduct.

Britain is heading towards
election, and the JC is advising PM Brown that he is about to pay the
ultimate political price for his unwillingness to succumb to the
Zionist will. "That he (PM Brown) has done precisely nothing since
promising action speaks volumes about his own bona fides. If – and now
it looks like when – the deadline for action passes and nothing is
done, it will be crystal clear who is to blame."

In plain language the JC is
suggesting that PM Brown as far as the Jews are concerned, is basically
finished. I wonder how long it will take for British people to wake up
and say enough is enough. How long will it take before they say NO to
Israeli and Zionist infiltration into their politics, laws and value


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