International call to action in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah

Just Jerusalem

Join us 6 March in solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah

1 March 2010

WHAT: A global call to action in solidarity with the residents of Sheikh Jarrah

WHERE: Around the globe and into the streets

WHEN: 6 March 2010

WHY: Sheikh Jarrah is a unique
community in occupied East Jerusalem. The plight of this community is
emblematic of the larger Palestinian struggle for Justice. The familes
in Sheikh Jarrah have been evicted by a racist goverment and settlers
now occupy their homes.The Palestinians of Sheikh Jarrah face daily
harassment from both the settlers occupying their homes and the Isreli

This is a call for global direct actions.

The organizers of the weekly
demonstrations in Sheikh Jarrah are asking for global solidarity as
they plan for massive demonstrations in Jerusalem and greater Israel.
They are calling for demonstrations and vigils at Israeli consulates
and embassies abroad.

As many of you may not have
access to Israeli consulates and embassies, we ask you to occupy
everything. If you’re a student, occupy your administrative offices and
demand divestment from any company who profits from the occupation in
conjunction with demanding justice for Sheikh Jarrah. If you’re not a
student, occupy any and all halls of governance. Demand that
they pass resolutions condeming the occupation of Palestine and promise
to withdraw support for it, in conjunction with demanding justice for
Sheikh Jarrah.
If you are unable to occupy anything, get out of the sidewalks and into the streets.

Demand Justice for Palestine and Justice for Shiekh Jarrah.


In August 2009, the Ghawis were
evicted from their home after the Israeli court accepted forged
Ottoman-era landclaims from a right-wing Zionist settler organization.
The landclaims cited that Jewish people owned the land in the late 19th
century and therefore should legally be in possession of people with a
Jewish heritage. This is an illegal, unilateral right of return!

Since the eviction, the Ghawis
have lived on the street opposite their home. The family lives on a
tent on the sidewalk, watching settlers enter and exit the house they
called their home since 1956. The live in their tent in act of protest
and are determined to stay there until they are allowed to return to
their home.

The Al-Kurds have had the front
partition of their home annexed by the settlers on the First of
December 2009. The back partition of their home is at risk of settler
occupation in the following weeks.

Despite this horrendous attempt
to ethnically cleanse Sheikh Jarrah, there is resistance. Israeli
activists commenced weekly demonstrations in the community and ISM
volunteers are on-site 24/7. In the beginning they mood was jubilant;
drums and chanting which called out the racism and injustice of the
settlers actions. But these demonstrations were escalated by police
violence. Over 100 people have been arrested demonstrating or
participating in acts of nonviolent direct action and civil

Help the Palestinian families of Sheikh Jarrah find justice! Join our global call to action 6 March 2010

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