Bashing Islam is Freedom of Speech Criticizing Israel is a Hate Crime

By Mohamed Khodr*
| Sabbah Report |

"We sent thee not, O!
Muhammad, save as a mercy to all the people. Say, O! Muhammad: "It has
but been revealed unto me that your God is the One and Only God: will
you, then, surrender yourselves unto Him?"
(Qur’an: 21: 107-108)

There is only one "Absolute" form of Free Speech in the west, the
freedom and right to bash Islam, stomp, shoot, and flush the Holy Qur’an
down the toilet, and portray Islam’s beloved Prophet Muhammad (p) in
the most vile manner in all forms of "art".

Freedom of Speech is an ever changing and evolving right that depends
on time, person, place, method of delivery, issue, and people involved.
Since the time of Socrates who was prosecuted for corrupting young
minds to today’s blasphemous attacks on Islam, the Quran, and Islam’s
Prophet; freedom of speech has always been defined and determined by
those in power.

Bashing Islam is not new. In fact it began during the Prophet’s own
lifetime by those who rejected his message in Arabia only to be followed
by Christians, Jews, and followers of other faiths. Saint John of
Damascus (7th – 8th C) while ironically working as an administrative
officer for the Muslim ruler of Damascus wrote that the Prophet Muhammad
(p) was a "false prophet…heretic…an Anti Christ." Such attacks
continued throughout historical Christian Europe by men such as Martin
Luther, Voltaire, Dante, to , right wing European parties, to the U.S.
by such men as Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Hal
Lindsey (who called Allah (God) Satan), and politicians. Bashing Islam
has become a respectable political and money making cottage industry.

Thus it’s not surprising that 9/11 opened the flood gates for a wider
multitude of westerners who inflame and further incite hatred of Islam.
Such vileness arises out of total ignorance of Islam and the
historical innate fear of the "other". The West fears what it does not
know. In Europe, especially, fear of an Islamized Europe has
conveniently morphed into a political agenda against the immigration of
the "other", mainly people of color who immigrate to Europe from
formerly European colonized nations.

It is inexplicable to describe the West as civilized when such
uncivil behavior toward those of a different faith or color permeates a
significant portion of the population. If civilization is based on
education then such people must be hailed as arrogant, racists,
supremacists, and ignorant fools.
The Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks as part of an art exhibition entitled
"Dog in Art" decided to follow in the footsteps of the Danish cartoonist
Kurt Westergaard (who drew cartoons depicting Muhammad as a terrorist)
and drew a cartoon of the Prophet with the body of a dog. While the
public rationale is freedom of speech, the underlying motive is pure
racism. But freedom of speech in the west depends on who you offend.
Offending Jews, discussing the Holocaust, criticizing Israel’s
brutality against the Palestinians is either attacked as "Anti-Semitic",
or met with jail time while the western kosher media quashes such "free
speech". God forbid such a cartoonist would draw a similar cartoon of
Moses (p), a Jew with a swastika as a tail, or of the Crown Prince of
Spain. (Spanish cartoonist fined for royal dishonour", UK Telegraph,
Nov. 14, 2007)                                       More…………………….

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