Nadering Kucinich

by John Murphy / March 20th, 2010

So then, because you are neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

– Jesus (Rev 3:16)

I thought I could get away with it. I thought I might be able to
have a week’s vacation and not be assaulted with more atrocities from
the Democrat Party. I would leave my computer behind and go to a place
where I would not even have to worry about seeing a newspaper and where
the only thing on television would be rented DVDs of the movies I had
not seen over the last year. I would spend lots of time in the fitness
center and the swimming pool.

Yes, I had forgotten. The fitness center has a television. I added
another corollary to Murphy’s Law. Someone had tuned into the Keith
Olbermann show. Lawrence O’Donnell was substituting. Dennis Kucinich
was the guest. He hammered the Democrat Party’s health care plan and
put the lie to each one of the talking points spouted by the Democrat’s
talking heads from big Ed “Sissy” Schultz to Thom “Toady” Hartman.
Painful as it may be to listen to Rush Limbaugh, it is mind splitting
to listen to the wimps on “America Left” (the XM satellite radio
station that should be renamed “America-wimpy-Democrat-talking-heads”).
Listening to “America Right” is perfect when you need a laugh. But
listening to “America Left” is not recommended while driving over 5
mph. Road rage, risking life and limb, even if that of only a passing
tree, could be the result of listening to “America Left”.

Kucinich told O’Donnell, “The bill represents a giveaway to the
insurance industry, $70 billion a year, no guarantees for any controls
over premiums, forcing people to buy private insurance with five
consecutive years of double-digit premium increases”. Pantywaist
O’Donnell then asked Kucinich if he would be comfortable if his vote
was the vote that defeated the bill. Kucinich reminded him that every
vote counts indicating that his would clearly be a “no” vote. This is
the kind of thing that makes us love the MSNBC people as much we love
the Fox News people.

I went back to my room very pleased at having temporarily left the
Green Party in 2004 to support Kucinich in the primary election before
switching back to the Greens and working for the Nader campaign. A lot
of my Green Party friends told me that the only reason Kucinich
bothered to enter the race was to sucker members from the Green Party
into registering as Democrats in order to vote in the Democrat primary
elections. I came to believe that. To be sure, tens of thousands of
Greens left the Green Party in 2004 and never bothered to rejoin after
the primary election. But now, I had been vindicated. Kucinich was not
that kind of a guy after all. You could trust Kucinich.                                               More…………………….

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