The Monster in Our Midst

by Gary Brumback / March 19th, 2010

my previous article, I wrote about the very expensive American circus.
Today I want to tell you about the monster in our midst. Are you aware
that wherever you go, whatever you do the monster is there and probably
is doing you no good? No, I’m not paranoid. The monster is very real,
very large, very powerful, very abusive in using its power, and is why
we have that very expensive circus. What is this monster? It’s the
corpocracy, a marriage made in Hell between “our” government and large
corporations. This monster is ruling and ruining America and Americans.

There are so many telltale signs that the monster exists that it
would take one billboard after another to post them. The monster’s
domination, often harmful, is over every aspect of our lives. Here are
some of the signs to illustrate what I’m talking about.

A Few Telltale Signs of The Monster’s Domination 

(1)  Over Our Personal and Cultural Lives

– Dominates and manipulates the mass media;
– Commercializes and privatizes our education;
– Commercializes our religion;
– Ceaselessly promotes materialism and consumption;
– Uproots our homes for commercial development;
– Callously forecloses on our homes; and,
– Allows bridges to collapse; gushing poop from broken sewers; etc.

(2) Over Our Economic Lives

– Gouges us with outrageous interest fees;
– Creates haves and have-nots;
– Gives us substandard wages if we have a job;
– Downsizes us;
– Outsources our work;
– Emasculates our unions;
– Creates monopolies and Big Box stores;
– Causes the collapse of our small business firms;
– Creates the unsafe/unhealthy products we buy;
– Privatizes and degrades our public utilities;
– Starves and privatizes our social services;
– Devours and bankrupts honorable companies; and,
– Favors Wall Street over our Main Street every time;

(3)  Over Our “Self-Governing” Lives

– Buys politicians we don’t want or deserve;
– Gets Supreme Court rulings against us;
– Hand picks judges who judge against us;
– Lobbies intensely for its own special interests, not ours;
– Always trumps our interests with corporate interests;
– Hi-jacks OUR Constitution;
– Controls laws and regulations and escapes accountability; and,
– Scams state and local governments for subsidies;

(4)  Over Our National Security

– Promotes and profits from endless wars;
– Privatizes the military; and,
– Weakens our true security by breeding dissent.

(5)  Over Our Environment

– Treats natural resources as commodities and waste dumps; and,
– Thumbs its nose at Mother/Father Nature.

All told, the signs should tell us that we, the people, have very
little say over matters that should be ours and ours alone to decide
and to control: matters of our health, education, and welfare, our own
form of government; our own elected officials; war or peace;
environmental protection or plundering; our own liberties, our own life
equations. Say what?  Our own life equations?  Yes.

You + Your Situations = Whether/How Much Health, Happiness, and Prosperity You Have or Don’t Have

That may just be the most fundamental and important non-mathematical
equation you will ever read. Answer this question: If you had your
druthers whom or what would you want to have more control or influence
over your equation throughout your life? Would it be you or would it be
situations in your life like the monster? It’s a rhetorical question,
obviously, but I think it gets the point across. You would prefer to be
empowered enough so that you can shape your own destiny by enhancing
yourself and mastering or at least coping with your situations
sufficiently and in doing so enable you to be sufficiently healthy,
happy, and prosperous — the three essential elements of one’s quality
of life. How many Americans do you think enjoy that luxury to the
maximum?  Only those in the corpocracy?

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is more than “just” a
declaration of the sanctity and importance of our life equations. It’s
an affirmation of humanity in a civilized society. It’s also why the
American Revolution was fought.

We do not live in a democracy. We live in a corpocracy. Why don’t we
put an end to it? It’s much easier said than done. First, the monster
is huge, wealthy, and powerful. Second, believe it or not, most
American’s don’t really see the monster for one or more reasons. Third,
the people who do see it are too few and too disorganized. In the next
article in this series I will explain why the monster’s telltale signs
aren’t really telling most Americans that the monster is in their midst.

Gary Brumback is a retired organizational psychologist, book reviewer, and book author. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Gary.

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