Time to let Israel go it alone

Letters to the Editor

When Hillary Clinton states emphatically that "we have an absolute
commitment to Israel’s security" (Wednesday), she puts the United
States and all of its citizens squarely in the crosshairs of Arab
anger. In addition, it exacerbates our tenuous diplomatic efforts with
Pakistan, Turkey, and other allies, and virtually kills any chance of
moving forward with our adversaries, such as Iran.

We have been fostering a peace process between Israel and the
Palestinians since Jimmy Carter was president, and it is time to
realize that this is pure illusion on the part of Israelis. They are
going to do what they want to do, and if history hasn’t taught us that,
the Jerusalem settlements should.

As long as the United States backs Israel unconditionally, nothing will
happen except to put American soldiers and marines and U.S. citizens at
greater risk. It is a mystery why no one realizes what a great
recruiting tool Israel is for al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Muslim
terrorist nations.

It is time for the United States to let Israel go it alone, and this
means not only cutting off the billions of dollars in aid to a very
rich nation, but also letting Israelis stand alone and face the threats
they create with their intransigence.

John R. Powers

Ocean City

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