AIPAC is a criminal organization Dershowitz explains how the Cosa Nostra should work

Gabriel Ash

March 23, 2010

we go any further, no. AIPAC doesn’t rule America. Nor does AIPAC
determine US foreign policy. Capital rules the US, the world, and hence
also US policy towards the world, which is all about extraction and
domination, and is hostile, not just to the Palestinian people, but to
people in general, everywhere and anywhere, but especially if they fail
to meet the appropriate standards of docility. Capital hates all
people, but it also welcomes people hating each other: it color codes
people so that different people can be consumed differently, and some
can be the slaves of others.

AIPAC, however, is part of the
way capital rules the world, and the fact that it doesn’t rule the
world by itself is not a get-out-of-jail card. AIPAC is a criminal
organization. That the people of the US allow it to hold conferences is
a mark of American un-freedom. Of course, the same is true about
Congress. Looking for criminals in Washington is like looking for the
wicked in Sodom. The embarass de richesse! God was merely practical when he reversed course and searched for the handful of the just instead.

watch Dershowitz, the consiglieri of the Cosa Nostra, in the above
clip. Watch his authority, and how the wretched J-Street guy defers to
him and stands before him like a pupil sent to the headmaster’s office.
This is the "alternative" to AIPAC? It isn’t even funny. 

don’t know if Dershowitz really jerks off to clips of phosphor bombs
falling on Gaza as Latuff suggested, but that Dershowitz is a liar, a
bully, a plagiarist and an impostor is public knowledge. He is also
someone whose recent arguments about the Palestinian "responsibility"
to the holocaust sunk to the level of historical Nazi propaganda about
Jews. Anybody who stands near Dershowitz and nods and doesn’t hold
their nose is showing by this very behavior that they have no
integrity, no principles, no ethics and are nothing but a sorry excuse
of a biped, the kind of biped that would feel at home at an AIPAC
conference, or anywhere else in Washington.

For heaven sake, where is the fire and brimstone?

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