2010: Palestinian Prisoners Day

Palestine Monitor

April 22, 2010

There are currently more than 7.000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli
jails. Hundreds are being held in administrative detention. 17th of
April was the Palestinian Prisoners Day. Hundreds of Palestinians took
part to the rallies organised across the West Bank and Gaza. Palestine
Monitor’s photographer, FLV, takes a look to the commemoration held in

its occupation of the Palestinian Territory in 1967, the Israeli
authorities systematically violate the most basic rights granted by
international and human rights conventions through inhumane treatment,
restrictions on movements, killings, deportation, and detention.

According to the PCBS, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics:

 more than 19,000 Palestinian were under administrative detention in Israeli jails since year 2002.

According to the
data of the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-prisoners, Israel
has detained since 1967 more than 760,000 Palestinians including about
70,000 since the Aqsa Intifada. The data shows that 315 of current
prisoners were arrested before the Oslo Agreement and have been in
Israeli jails since then. Almost half of the 315 prisoners have been
under Israeli detention for more than 20 years.

Palestinian prisoners are dispersed to 17 investigation and detention centers as well as prisons.


 726 prisoners from the Gaza Strip

 400 are from within Israel and occupied east Jerusalem

 33 of the prisoners are women

 270 are under the age of 18 years

 315 prisoners have spent more than 15 years in Israeli jails

 110 have spent more than 20 years

 3 have spent more than 30 years

detention: more than 19,000 Palestinian were detained under
administrative terms (detention without trial) since 2002.
More than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners are still awaiting trail in
Israeli jails.

years, Samera Al Barghouthi (the woman on the left) has been denied to
visit her husband, Fakhri, who was sentenced to 28 years in jail.
Recently, Samera got the permission to visit her husband every fifteen
days.Fakhri’s brother, Nael, is known to be the world’s oldest prisoner
in Israeli jails, 33 years with no outside contact.

Photo: FLV

Rally in Ramallah
Photo: FLV

Photo: FLV.

Prisoners are deprived from medical treatment

There are more than
1,500 cases of illness among prisoners in Israeli jails including heart
problems, kidneys failure, and cancer. Israeli authorities deprive
these prisoners from adequate medical treatment and often medication is
limited to pain killers only. Prisoners are often subjected to isolated
confinement that lead to psychological problems. The data indicates
that about 14 prisoners had been subjected to isolated confinement for
more than five years.


Photo: FLV

Photo: FLV

Photo: FLV

Photo: FLV

Photo: FLV

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