The Murder of Donkeys and Detained Goats by Israel

Kawther Salam

April 22, 2010

On April 13 2010 I wrote an article about animals in Israeli jail. For me as a Palestinian journalist,
this was not a new subject or story, but it was new for my readers. It
looks like this was the first time that foreigners and the defenders of
animals rights hear about the treatment of animals by the IDF – the
mistreatment of animals by the IDF is part of the jewish genocide being
perpetrated against us Palestinians. The IDF always arrests and/or
murders animals belonging to Palestinian farmers, they destroy their
wells, their caves in the southern hills of Hebron, in Yatta as well in
other towns and cities in the West Bank.

the the former director of the Israeli Police of Hebron, Colonel Efraim
"Effy" Ardity, in 2001 the investigation of the murder of a donkey
belonging to Mahoud al-Jonaidi in Yatta by the IDF lead to a discovery
of a cave full of weapons (guns, Kalashnikov, ammunition, pistols)
stolen from the IDF. The thief was a soldier, and the weapons were to
be used in the perpetration of terrorist attack against Palestinians
and their animals.

criminal treatment of animals by the IDF and the jewish squatters is
not directed at the animals per se, but is part of their strategy of
genocide and ethnic cleansing against us Palestinians. The animals,
donkeys, mulis, sheep, goats, chicken, dogs, cats … are kept by their
owners as part of their business. They represent work resources, food,
the livelihood of these farmers and their families. The purpose of
"arresting" (holding for ransom), stealing, killing these animals and
to destroy or poison artesian wells is to ruinate their owners. One the
animals have been exterminated and the wells poisoned or destroyed,
these farmers are expelled from their lands, which are duly declared
"military zone" by the IDF or the thieves from the so-called civil

The president of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel, Hilma Shmoshkovitz, left an irate reader comment on my article "Donkey, Horse and Cat in Israeli Jail". 
The comment is typical for what I receive from Israelis and what mostly
lands in the thrash: hysteric rants denying everything and assigning
guilt to others. Each time, I am surprised by the blindness, the
all-encompassing ignorance of these people so completely unable to
assume responsibility for their collective crimes. (Click on pictures to make them bigger).

I wonder how somebody "in the middle of animal welfare"
is so unaware of the atrocities which the army and the jewish squatters
perpetrate on a daily basis in her name just a short distance from
where she lives.
Her comment:

a person in the middle of animal welfare work in Israel, as a Christian
as well, I can say that the whole story is a fabriated one. I checked
it throrougly. I absolutely dislike to give people stereotypes but the
average Israeli Jewish person came a long way and is no worse than
those in Western countries.
However with the Arabs a little more education about anmal suffering is needed.

wonder if this superficially so probate citizen is truly ignorant of
what goes on, or if she understands at a deeper level that the
abhorrent crimes which she tolerates with silence or perhaps even
encourages in various ways, are so disgusting, so impossible to justify
by any human standards, that there is no hole deep and dark enough
where to crawl into once she consciously even admits to them. This is
something I wonder about in the case of most jews living in Palestine
and elsewhere.

wonder if Hilma Shmoshkovitz and others like her understand the
depravity of running an organization dedicated to prevent cruel
treatment of animals, while at the same time perpetrating, financing,
supporting, encouraging, rationalizing, justifying, affirming and
celebrating the horrendous crimes of all her people against us
Palestinians, and, when these crimes are spoken about, to proceed to deny, transfer culpability, reject responsibility, rationalize, find a "compromise" in the description of their crimes. In the present case, Hilma says that "Arabs need more education about animal suffering".

In the case of the Gaza massacre of past January 2009, the israeli crimes were celebrated and at
the same time it was (and is being) denied that these atrocities even
took place. In a true show of what a split personality means, Hilma and
her people at once treat us Palestinians worse than anybody in their
right mind would treat animals, and then proceed to impute "us Arabs"
with mistreatment of animals. Beyond obvious personality problems,
Hilma does not understand that to us animals are livestock which have a
utility to the owner, and that we do not humanize or keep animals "for
fun" in ways which are often far more denigrating to the animal than an
existence as livestock.

Hilma Shmoshkovitz apparently became irate that I would write about the mistreatment of animals
by the IDF and the israeli jails administration, and proceeded to
declare the whole story to be "fabricated". Possibly she spoke to
spokespersons, or possibly she just had a fit of rage. In any case the
story is 100% true, and I know from over 20 years of working with these
people that all the IDF and the israeli jail administration
spokespersons are 100% professional liars.

They ALWAYS deny
their atrocious crimes. Rape, murder, theft, uncalled for violence,
callous treatment of animals, the behavior of insane people, that is
the truth about all the murderous garbage which collectively call
themselves "Israeli Defense Forces". The whole massacre of Gaza was
denied by these conscienceless murderers, despite massive evidence of
every imaginable kind. While I was working in Palestine, murders of
children perpetrated by the IDF before my eyes were later denied to
have happened by the spokesperson.

Given the comment of Hilma Shmoshkovitz and her name, it is difficult to believe that she is a Christian,
and it is difficult to believe that she "checked it thoroughly", and
even if, she must have given credibility to the lies of the IDF or the
jail spokesperson. If Hilma had any capacity to see the truth of what
goes on immediately around her, it should be clear to her that such
incidents happen on a regular basis. As somebody involved in "animal
care", it should have reached her long ago that jews treat us
Palestinians worse than animals. I find it interesting to note that I
have never heard of Israeli animal care organizations protesting about

here, her only protest was to deny the shameful treatment of animals
perpetrated by the IDF soldiers "hayalim" and jail personnel before
many witnesses and instead resorting to denigrate "Arabs". It is fit of
the worst antisocial elements to care for animals while denying ones
own criminal behavior and instead dehumanizing a whole people for fun
and profit, and to escape the unavoidable self examination which sane
people do.

she thinks that we are really less than animals, and this has often
been said by the jewish political and religious authorities. To us, the
collective inability of jews to see error in their actions means that
they have lost sanity, their insistence in continuing a path of crime
means that they have lost their soul, and their inability to shame of
behavior which is indefensible to normal human beings means the loss to
their claim of being members of the human family.

Just as evil destroys itself, the jews who have come to Palestine following false promises by false teachers
are destroying themselves with their boundless hatred of everything
that makes us human. It is now long past due time for the jews, all
jews, to stop denying their collective culpability in their crimes of
genocide against us Palestinians. All their crimes are documented, and
increasingly more people are looking. It is time for the IDF to stop
misleading the jewish society about their unconscionable crimes against
us. It is time that all jews assume their culpability and
responsibility for all their crimes perpetrated against us.

It is time that jews of all walks of life to shame of what they have perpetrated and tolerated for too
long, and ask for forgiveness. It is time that jews reject the false
and inhuman teachings of the pharisees in their middle, and recognize
them for what they are, psychopaths, creatures with a defective psyche
who belong into institutions for the insane. It is time for all jews,
in Palestine and elsewhere, to understand that they follow these
creatures at their own peril, and that the greatest danger to the
jewish people comes not from us, but from these teachers of failed

pictures in this article are of animals detained or killed by IDF and
armed squatters who belong to paramilitary death squads organized
within the IDF. They are from a source which I trust. The incidents
depicted were even spoken about in the Knesset. I publish them here to
show Hilma how things really are.

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