A Nation Born in Deception

by William A. Cook / April 27th, 2010

Israel attempts today to gloss over the reality of its birth 62 years
ago with a sweeping public relations campaign extolling the miraculous
“resurrection” of ancient Zion in contemporary times, a new nation
seeking only peace with its neighbors, it might be enlightening and
valuable to examine the truth.

On May 14, 1948 President Harry S. Truman received a letter from the
Jewish Agency for Palestine announcing the impending proclamation of
the independent republic of Israel.1 That date marks not only the beginning of the State of Israel but, sub missa voce,
the assumption by the State of Israel of the calculated, systematic and
determined ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population of the land of
Palestine that had been the business of “The Consultancy” and its
agents before May 14, as identified by Dr. Ilan Pappe in his monumental
The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.2

The letter notes that the republic has been established within
“frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in
its Resolution of November 29, 1947, and that a provisional government
has been charged to assume the rights and duties of government for
preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel, for defending
the state against external aggression, and for discharging the
obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance
with international law.” The letter was signed by Eliahu Epstein,
Agent, Provisional Government of Israel.

The letter is notable not for what it announces, but for what it
does not reveal. Truth requires revelation of all the facts, not
concealment by omission of that which would prejudice an understanding.
During the six months between the adoption of UN Resolution 181 and the
date of this letter, and in subsequent months, the prospective state of
Israel launched a massive military incursion into territory designated
by that same Resolution for the Palestinian people, creating in its
wake “three quarters of a million Palestinian refugees,” the
destruction of “hundreds of entire villages … not only depopulated but
obliterated …and houses blown up or bulldozed.”3
Khalidi’s massive study focuses on 418 villages, once the homes of
Palestinians, 292 completely destroyed, 90 others “largely destroyed,”
the remainder re-inhabited by Jews called Israeli settlers.

In blunt terms, the Jewish Agency for Palestine lied to the American
President that it had established a provisional government that “has
been charged to assume the rights and duties … for preserving law and
order within the boundaries of Israel … and for discharging the
obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance
with international law.”

The Agency’s deception made no reference either to the President or
the international community that it had created the “Catastrophe,” or
as the Palestinians termed it, the Nakba, the days of infamy
that created what has become the largest Diaspora of refugees in the
world and a time of remembrance for those killed in a series of
massacres, estimated at 24 by Benny Morris, Israel’s preeminent
Historian of that period. Indeed, the Agency had acted against
international law in invading Palestinian land as designated by the
very Resolution that had given them the right to a state of Israel even
as it lied without remorse to the international community that it would
live in accordance with their laws.

This letter, coupled with an earlier one to the President, dated May
10, 1948, will serve as a microcosm of political deceit characteristic
of the Zionist led forces that controlled the nascent state of Israel.
This second letter from The Nation Associates, notified the President

Tomorrow morning the Washington Post will carry, in the
form of a full-age (sic) advertisement, the text of an open letter to
you requesting the implementation of the November 29 resolution on
Palestine…I have been requested to send you the enclosed text of this
open letter by the signators …It is our hope that in the week which
remains before the end of the British Mandate, action will be taken by
you to insure the recognition of the Jewish state as a means of
maintaining the prestige of this country, the authority of the United
Nations, and peace in the Middle East.4

The Nation Associates supported the establishment of the State of
Israel and used its publishing arm to further that goal. The “Open
Letter” referred to above argued against the moves by “the British and
our own State Department” to “sabotage” the partition resolution
despite the President’s determined effort to support Israel. Indeed,
the Associates went so far as to publish “The British Record on
Partition” published in The Nation, America’s Leading Liberal Weekly,
on May 8, 1948 detailing their selected reading of “British Military
Intelligence Sources.” This document was simultaneously submitted to
the Special Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The
Open letter published in the Washington Post amounted to a
synopsis of this larger document including its primary argument that
“there was no reason why the Jewish state could not be set up (if the
Arabs resisted partition) and the Arab area turned over to the
Trusteeship Council.” Note that this argument is being made even as the
Jewish Agency and its affiliates have driven hundreds of thousands of
Palestinians from their homes and villages and massacred untold
thousands in the area designated for the Palestinians recommended to be
turned over to the Trusteeship Council.

The open letter cited an amendment to the resolution inserted by
Truman’s representative, Herschel Johnson, “the Security Council should
determine as a threat to peace, breach of the peace, or act of
aggression, in accordance with Article 29 of the Charter, any attempt
to alter by force the settlement envisaged by this resolution.” Yet no
mention is made here of the invasion by the Jewish forces of the towns
and villages in the area designated for the Palestinians. Rather, the
Associates allege that it is the British Mandate government that has
supported the Arab League against Israel since 1945, “under the
direction of Foreign Minister Bevin, {who} (has) resisted every
American proposal for a decent settlement of the Palestinian question.”
“This was true,” the letter continues, “in 1946 when he refused to
accept the proposal of the Anglo-American Committee and your own, for
the admission into Palestine of 100,000 Jews.” What is left unsaid by
the Associates is the British promise to the Arabs in the Balfour
Declaration that they would maintain a strict ratio of Jews entering
Palestine to the indigenous population, the second of the Balfour
Declaration promises never referenced as the companion piece to the
establishment of a home for the Jews in Palestine.5

So now we see the strategy of the Zionists as they manipulate the
President: (a) advance publication of a major document detailing
British subterfuge in eroding the possibility of establishing a Jewish
state sent to the United Nations, thereby placing blame for the
deterioration of conditions in Palestine on the British; (b) a
subsequent letter to the President informing him that a public “open
letter” will be published in the Washington Post detailing subversion
of the Jewish people, placing him in the unenviable position of not
aiding the “victims” of this subversion or carrying through with
recognition of the Jewish state “as a means of maintaining the prestige
of this country”; (c) and, finally, another letter, this from the
Jewish Agency for Palestine, on the 14th, seeking his recognition by
“welcoming Israel into the community of nations” with no reference to
the breaching of international law by the very Agency seeking his

Control and manipulation of the events coming out of Palestine has been and continues to be the modus operandi
of the Zionist leaders of the state of Israel. The above letters to
President Truman offer insight into this manipulation. Moreover, Truman
was acting on behalf of the American people in recognizing the State of
Israel on the 15th of May 1948. What the American people knew was the
suffering of the Jews under Hitler and the apparent logic of the United
Nations partition plan to provide a state for the two peoples residing
in Palestine. What they did not know was the Zionist entity that had
different goals and the will to deceive the citizens of America to
achieve them. But the American people were not alone in being deceived.
More importantly is the deception kept from the British people about
these “disappeared years,” as Robert Fisk terms them. What’s missing is
the perspective of the Palestinians and the British Mandate government.

The United Kingdom had mandatory authority from the League of
Nations to govern the area with the establishment of the Palestine
Mandate in 1922, an action that imposed a western colonial and national
mindset on an area familiar with tribal and imperial authority. Prior
to the official implementation of the Mandate, the British Government
had enunciated a “declaration” concerning the desirability of His
Majesty’s Government in the “establishment of a national home for the
Jewish people,” called the Balfour Declaration.

Discussions that resulted in the final text of the Balfour
Declaration clarify the intention of its wording. The use of “national
home” was used intentionally instead of “state.” Additionally, the
first draft of the declaration referred to the principle “that Palestine should be reconstituted as the National Home of the Jewish people.

In the final text, the word that was replaced with in to avoid committing all of Palestine to the Jews only.6

Between 1939 and 1947, the mandate Government found it more and more
difficult to maintain its position as the responsible governing force
servicing the Arab population and the growing Jewish population,
determining by 1947 that these two populations could not coexist. As a
result, the British Government placed the resolution of the problem in
the hands of the United Nations. That in turn resulted in a partition
plan of the land of Palestine, proposed in November of 1947 to the
General Assembly, to be implemented in May of 1948, sixty two years ago
this May.

British authority in Palestine continued under the United Nations
until the implementation of the Partition Plan in May 1948.
Consequently, the mandate government had to abide by the Charter of the
UN and its Conventions. Ironically, as the Zionist forces, estimated by
the Jewish Agency personnel in documents seized by the Mandate Police
at 20 to 60 thousand (see top secret file of Sir Richard C. Catling, The Plight of the Palestinians) ,
continued their massacres of Palestinians into 1948, the UN debated the
adoption of a Convention defining “genocide” based on Nuremberg
principles, a definition approved that same year.

In 1944 the term “genocide” appeared in Raphael Lemkin’s Axis Rule in Occupied Europe
created out of the conditions that allowed for the Nazi action against
those suffering in their concentration camps. Therefore once the State
of Israel was created by the Jewish leaders of the area by declaration
May 14, 1948, and, subsequently, was recognized for membership in the
UN in 1949, it was expected to abide by the UN Conventions. The United
Nations does not appropriate to itself the authority to create states.
The United Nations only authorizes itself to recognize states for
membership, states that are formed or proclaimed by the people of said

What should be obvious now, after the carefully researched and scholarly work of Dr. Ilan Pappe in his Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and the equally well-researched work of Dr. Benny Morris in his Righteous Victims,
both based on recently released evidence from the Israeli archives and
those of the Israel Defense Forces Archives, complemented now with the
materials preserved by Sir Richard C. Catling, to be made available in The Plight of the Palestinians
from Palgrave Macmillan in June, is the truth about the creation of the
state of Israel: acceptance of UN Resolution 181 by the Jewish Agency
Provisional Government as the designated Jewish state was not done with
intent to abide by the goal of the UN General Assembly, to provide a
state for two peoples in the land of Palestine, but rather to use it as
a means of subterfuge to gain eventual control of all the land and
cleanse that land of its indigenous people to whatever extent possible.
Put bluntly, what was true then is true today; the current government
in Israel continues the practices of past Israeli governments, cleanse
the land of its rightful inhabitants to make that land part of the
Jewish state. This is what is termed, “slow motion genocide,” not, one
would hope, a civilized policy to be extolled either by the Israelis or
the international community.

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Dr. William A. Cook is a professor of English at the University of La Verne in southern California. His books include Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy, The Rape of Palestine: Hope Destroyed, Justice Denied, Expathos (2008) and The Chronicles of Nefaria (novel, 2008). He can be reached at: cookb@ULV.EDU. Read other articles by William A., or visit William A.’s website.

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