May 3, 2010 at 10:58

Jewish settlers continue to expel Palestinians from
their homes and occupy them in an attempt to rid all of Jerusalem of
the Arab population. These criminal acts expand to yet another
Palestinian neighbourhood as the police not only turn a blind eye to

The latest
incident can be read about in this report from the
Ma’an News Agency.

Settlers take over Beit Safafa home

– East Jerusalem residents of the Beit Safafa neighborhood said
Israeli police accompanied a group of settlers into the area Sunday
night, where they took over a family home and set up dozens of flags

Witnesses described a moderate police presence entering the
neighborhood south of the Old City. Officers reportedly entered the
home and forced the two elderly residents to evacuate the building,
after which at least a dozen settlers moved in.

Upon the eviction of the family, one man described, “the settlers
started dancing in the yard,” and almost immediately began installing
strings of Israeli flags around the building.

Muhammad Ibrahim Salah, resident of a nearby building and son of the
man evicted on Sunday, said the eviction threatens the lives and
livelihoods of at least 40 men, women and children who live on family
land around the targeted building. He said the home is in the center of
the family lands, where other buildings belonging to the family also
stand. He said he was worried about the fate of other buildings as well.

An Israeli police spokesman said he would look into the report.

On 28 April, residents said settlers evicted two elderly
Palestinians from the Salah family, with an order issued by the Israeli
High Court. It was not immediately clear whether the couple had moved
back into the home, or if a second family was targeted.

Hajj Ali Ibrahim Salah, 99, and his wife Sheha Hassan Ali, 90, said
they had lived in the home for their entire married lives, noting
settler court action “started in 1993, when settlers first alleged that
they bought the land where our house is built.”

The elderly man insisted that his late father bought the home with
valid legal papers.

Ongoing antagonism

In October 2009, the Salah family reported being attacked by 12
settlers, though Israeli media reports at the time said six and police
said three.

Witnesses said the settler group pulled up to the home in a car,
carrying an eviction order for the family home of Ali Ibrahim Salah and
his children – the same home evacuated on Sunday night.

At the time, Salah said the buildings sheltered 55 residents, 30 of
which were under 12 years old and include his children, Ismail,
Mohammad, Mahmoud, Ahmad. He said the settlers claimed they bought the
homes from its Armenian owners.

An argument erupted as the settlers demanded the family get out of
their home. One of the settlers, reportedly all in their 50s, was armed
with a gun, and fired on the family members. Sources said between one
and four Palestinians were injured.

The Israeli news agency Ynet said the middle-aged extremists fled
the scene after the shooting, but were later found and detained.

An Israeli police spokesman had a different version of the incident,
saying, “Three Jewish people came to the home in Beit Safafa to
deliver the eviction order to the family then fighting erupted. It
seems one of the Jewish people opened fire with his personal weapon and
injured one of the Arab residents in the hand… then the Jewish people
fled the scene driving their car.”

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