9-11 Judge is Connected to Rothschild-Funded Mossad Culprit ICTS

Christopher Bollyn – Bollyn.com May 7, 2010

It is very crass and it probably will come back to be critical of me,
but there is an expression that is sometimes very useful, ‘Money is the
universal lubricant.’ It makes it easier to go on with one’s life.

– Alvin K. Hellerstein

This bastard judicial system is so corrupt.

– 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani

He can’t understand our loss. He sees the solution in a very cold and
pragmatic way – in dollars and cents. He thinks everybody should take
the money and go away.

– Mike Low, father of Sara, a flight attendant on American Airlines
Flight 11

U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, the Orthodox Jew who oversees
all 9-11 related cases, is seldom discussed in the news. While his name
does appear occasionally in the press, for example when he sentenced a
"terrorism financier" to prison in April, the secretive judge who
handles all 9-11 tort litigation is virtually unknown to most Americans.
This is intentional, of course, because any discussion of the
Bronx-born judge would reveal his Zionist roots and close relationship
to the state of Israel, where his son Joseph Z. Hellerstein lives on a
Jewish settlement on the West Bank and practices law with one of
Israel’s most important law firms, Amit,
Pollak & Matalon

Judge Hellerstein is the subject of a recent article in the New York
Times. The May 2 article by Mireya Navarro, "Empathetic Judge in 9/11
Suits Seen by Some as Interfering", is an overly positive ("puff") piece
written for a sympathetic newspaper (i.e. one which is involved in the
9-11 cover-up) yet Hellerstein "declined repeated requests for an
interview" with the Times. Why would "the compassionate jurist" who has
"shepherded" the 9-11 litigation process for years, and who is said to
be "driven by a sense of social responsibility", refuse to be
interviewed by the New York Times? Why is such an important judge
avoiding the national media at such a critical point in the 9-11 saga –
and U.S. history?

The "puff piece" in the New York Times went so far as to end with a
quote saying that Judge Hellerstein "is now like Elvis in the 9/11
community." The article is clearly designed to cast Hellerstein in a
glowing light before an increasingly skeptical public (before he closes
the book on the 9-11 tort litigation – without a single case going to
trial). If Hellerstein were truly motivated by "a high standard of
morality and decency" as his former co-partner at Stroock, Stroock &
Lavan said, why is he so unwilling to discuss the 9-11 tort litigation?
There is, of course, only one reason for him to avoid the media – he
has something to hide and wishes to avoid the spotlight. Alvin
Hellerstein is certainly not a hero. He has completely obstructed
justice for the 9-11 relatives – for eight years – by blocking any
discovery and preventing the families from getting the one thing they
all wanted – an open trial to find the truth of who was responsible for
the terror attacks that caused the loss of their loved ones.
Hellerstein has played a key role in the 9-11 cover-up by blocking legal
discovery and preventing a trial from occurring.

Having worked for years on the hypothesis that Israeli intelligence was
involved in the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11, I have pointed out in
my online book, Solving 9-11 – The Deception that Changed the World
(and numerous articles) that the key players in the 9-11 saga are all
closely connected to Israeli intelligence (i.e. Mossad). Michael
Chertoff, for example, supervised the non-investigation by the F.B.I. in
which more than 99 percent of the steel evidence from the World Trade
Center was hastily shipped to China and other Asian nations to be
destroyed. Chertoff, an Orthodox Jew who is affiliated with the same
Zionist organizations in New York as Hellerstein, is an Israeli national
whose mother was one of the first agents of the Mossad, Israel’s
intelligence agency. Hellerstein, who has presided over the 9-11
litigation process, has a similar connection to the Mossad through his
son, Joseph.

This is of crucial importance because one of the key defendants in the
9-11 wrongful death tort litigation process is the Mossad-controlled
airport security firm named International Consultants on Targeted
Security (ICTS) N.V., which is the owner of Huntleigh U.S.A., the
passenger screening company that checked the passengers that boarded the
aircraft at the key airports on 9-11. The Israeli-owned ICTS is one of
the aviation security defendants responsible for the 9-11 terror
attacks. Any 9-11 trial would require ICTS and Huntleigh to provide
evidence and explain who ran their security checkpoints on 9-11 and how
the 19 terrorists got on the planes in spite of the fact that their
names were not found on the passenger lists. Judge Hellerstein has
prevented a trial and effectively blocked any discovery that would
reveal what really happened on 9-11.

Hellerstein has a clear conflict of interest in the 9-11 tort litigation
because his son is a lawyer with Amit, Pollak & Matalon, the law
firm that works for and is closely connected with Cukierman &
Company, the parent company of ICTS. Cukierman & Co. is headed by
Roger Cukierman and his son Edouard. Previously, Roger was CEO of the
Edmond de Rothschild Group and chairman of the Israel General Bank. He
has also served as the chairman of several venture capital funds
established by the Rothschild Group. One of these funds, the Catalyst
Fund, is run by Boaz
, a managing partner of private equity at Cukierman & Co. –
and the head of ICTS at the time of 9-11. The Rothschild/Cukierman
Catalyst Fund is also invested in a company called Cyalume, which is run
by several of the SCP
of Ehud
. The Israeli Mossad corporate network may seem large but it
always involves the same small group of people at the top. Many of the
names are easily recognized by a researcher who is familiar with the
Zionist criminal network. One of the head people of the Catalyst Fund
and Cyalume, for example, is Yair
, the son of the well-known terrorist-cum-prime minister
Yitzhak Shamir.

Judge Hellerstein’s son, Joseph, works for a firm that represents and
works with the company that owns one of the key defendants in the 9-11
tort litigation. This presents an obvious (and probably criminal)
conflict of interest that cannot be ignored or allowed.

Both Alvin Hellerstein and his son Joseph worked for the well known
Jewish law firm of Stroock, Stroock & Lavan before moving to the
positions they now hold. President Bill Clinton appointed Alvin
Hellerstein to the U.S. District Court in New York in 1998 and Joseph
moved to Israel in 2001. They both know that the conflict of interest
exists, which is why they don’t want to be interviewed by the media.
Stroock, Stroock & Lavan played a key role in the setting up of
9-11. They represented Silverstein Properties when Larry Silverstein
acquired the lease for the World Trade Center in July 2001. They also
represented Goldman Sachs, A.I.G., and Cerberus Capital Management,
three of the key fraudulent companies involved in the trillion dollar
bail-out of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Stroock has a long history of representing the Rothschild’s and other
high-level Zionists:

Firm historian Jethro Lieberman wrote: ‘It was the ‘Our Crowd’
German-Jewish clientele for which the firm was mostly, and justly, noted
in those days.’ That included Otto H. Kahn, Felix M. Warburg, Walter N.
Rothschild, and Jacob Schiff. The three early Jewish partners
contributed to many Jewish organizations, such as the Educational
Alliance founded in 1889, the Montefiore Hospital for Chronic Invalids,
the Jewish Board of Guardians, the Federation for the Support of Jewish
Philanthropic Societies of New York City, and the Jewish Theological
Seminary of America [where the Chertoff family is deeply connected].

Judge Hellerstein’s close family connection to the Rothschild-funded
Mossad company responsible for the terror attacks of 9-11 explains why
he was chosen to handle the 9-11 tort litigation. He was chosen to
manage the 9-11 litigation to protect the 9-11 deception – and the
guilty – by blocking discovery and preventing a trial. When Judge Alvin
K. Hellerstein closes the book on the 9-11 litigation having settled
all the cases out of court without a trial, I suspect he will have to
retire in Israel. Knowing very well how he and his Zionist cronies have
obstructed justice for so many people, his fear will not let him live
in peace among those he has wronged so grievously.

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