Steve Amsel, Desertpeace

May 17, 2010

Yesterday a post appeared on this Blog
dealing with
Noam Chomsky being
denied entry to Israel.
In the report, Chomsky is referred to as a ‘Left
wing American Jewish Intellectual’.

his own words
, he admits that his barred entrance has nothing to do
with positions he might hold about Israel. Take notice that he does not
mention the FACT that Israel is in violation of International Law by
determining who can or cannot enter the Palestinian Territories. This
also indicates that the Occupied West Bank is
under siege
, not only the Gaza Strip.

Left  wingers do not oppose a boycott and
divestment from Israel…. neither do they hold the views expressed by
Chomsky in the following…

Challenging Noam Chomsky’s opposition to boycotting Israel (Ali
Abunimah & Jeff Blankfort)

Why does Noam Chomsky oppose boycott, divestment
and sanctions against Israel, and why does he think Palestinians should
not talk about justice and redress for their ethnic cleansing from
their homeland in 1948? Why does Chomsky dismiss any talk about the
influence of the Israel lobby? His pathetic views on the Lobby can be
seen in THIS

Click here to download
the download the Abunimah and Blankfort response

or listen to it at Ali
Abunimah’s Blog

Israel could have welcomed Chomsky with open arms.
His non participation in the Movement is exactly the
type of ‘left winger’ Israel loves.

Universities in the Palestinian Territories have
scores of professors to chose from that hold views in support of their
cause. Chomsky is definitely not one of them.

Just my two cents…..

The following is a post from the archives, it
states pretty clearly my personal opinion of the man.


is wise to attend to deeds, not rhetoric" – Chomsky …… it would be
wise if he made this his mantra

one time I was impressed every time Noam Chomsky spoke. Seeing his
name on lists endorsing political actions was most encouraging…. but NOT
seeing him participate in those actions sort of put a damper on the

recent days he has been very vocal about the situation in Gaza. He
speaks of International Solidarity as a new phenomena in People’s
Struggles. Did he never hear of the International Brigades that went to
Spain to fight Franco? Did he not hear of the worldwide movement to
eliminate apartheid in South Africa? Does he think Cuba could have
survived as a free nation all these years without the support of
International Support Groups?

overlooks the movements of Palestinians within Gaza and the Occupied
West Bank. He gives the impression that without his endorsements,
nothing will change. So typical of so many ‘ivory tower’ dwellers. The
problem with these people is that their views of reality are often
obstructed and they never really see the entire picture of a situation.

struggle of the Gazans, and all other struggles of people throughout
the world need more than endorsements. They need action, they need your
‘body on line’. People often ask me to define the word zionist….. I
often say that a zionist is a person, not living in Israel, that writes
a TAX DEDUCTIBLE check to the Jewish National Fund every year. Perhaps
that definition oversimplifies such a vile movement, but even there
you see a large ‘movement’ of talkers, not doers.

in the People’s Movements cannot afford talk…. to quote from Chomsky
himself, "It is wise to attend to deeds, not rhetoric".
can read about the Free Gaza Movement
HERE. See where you can fit in…. we need
YOU, not your endorsement.

following is a recent interview with Noam Chomsky, the interview that
soured me as far as he is concerned….. I usually refrain from this type
of post, but the dilettantes of the ‘left’ are really getting to me.

Amira Hass writes in HaAretz today about this
situation. Her positions are more sympathetic to the man than mine are,
but worth reading just the same.

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