Top Construction Firm: WTC Destroyed By Controlled Demolition

Middle East correspondent Alan Hart: Largest engineering firm studied
collapse of twin towers and said there was no doubt it was a controlled

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Respected Middle East expert and former BBC presenter Alan Hart has
broken his silence on 9/11, by revealing that the world’s most
prominent civil engineering company told him directly that the collapse
of the twin towers was a controlled demolition.

Speaking on the Kevin Barrett show yesterday, Hart said he thought
the 9/11 attack probably started as a Muslim operation headed up by
Osama Bin Laden but that the plot was subsequently hijacked and carried
out by Mossad agents in collusion with elements of the CIA, adding that
since its formation, Israel has penetrated every Arab government and
terrorist organization.

“My guess is that at an early point they said to the bad guys in the
CIA – hey this operation’s running what do we do, and the zionists and
the neo-cons said let’s use it,” said Hart, making reference to how top
neo-cons like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and their fellow Project For a New American Century authors had called for a “catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor,” the year before 9/11.

“The twin towers were brought down by a controlled ground explosion,
not the planes,” said Hart, adding that this view was based on his
close friendship with consultants who work with the world’s leading
civil engineering and construction firm.

Hart asked the company to study the collapse of the twin towers,
after which they told him directly, “There’s absolutely no doubt
whatsoever that the towers were brought down by a controlled ground

Hart then explained how the five dancing Israelis seen celebrating
the attack on the World Trade Center in New Jersey as it unfolded, who turned out to be Mossad agents,
proves at at a minimum Israel knew the attack was going to happen. Hart
went further in speculating that the planes had been fitted with
transponders and that the Israelis were guiding them in to the towers.

Host Barrett pointed out that to carry out the successful controlled
demolition of three of the biggest buildings in history, the
conspirators would have to ensure that they were hit, making the use of
remote controlled airliners a distinct possibility. In addition,
Barrett mentioned the fact that he had interviewed numerous pilots who
dismissed the chances of accurately guiding a huge commercial airliner
into a building while flying at sea level at around 600 miles per hour,
especially considering the alleged 9/11 hijackers struggled to even fly
basic Cessna light aircraft.

“Sounding a chilling note, Hart added that the U.S. is in grave
danger of an Israeli-instigated false-flag nuclear attack, perhaps
using an American nuclear weapon stolen from Minot Air Force Base
during the “loose nukes” rogue operation of August, 2007. The motive
would be to trigger a U.S. war with Iran, and perhaps to finish the
ethnic cleansing of Palestine under cover of war–which Hart is
convinced the Zionists are planning to do as soon as the opportunity
presents itself,” writes host Barratt.

Given his biography and standing,
Hart’s comments are not to be taken lightly. Hart is a former Middle
East Chief Correspondent for ITN News and has also presented for BBC
Panorama specializing in the Middle East. He was also a war reporter in
Vietnam and the first journalist to reach Suez Canal with the Israeli
army in 1967. Over the decades, Hart has developed close relationships
with numerous high profile political figures, including the Shah of
Iran, Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres.

Hart has been a successful author for years and has no reason to
fabricate the fact that a top construction firm told him point blank
that the towers were brought down in a controlled demolition.

In forwarding this information, Hart joins legions of other credible
experts who to some extent or other have all publicly challenged the
official 9/11 story, with many outright stating that the attacks were
an inside job, people like 20-year decorated CIA veteran Robert Baer, who told a radio host that “the evidence points at” 9/11 having had aspects of being an inside job.

In addition, no less than 1198 architectural and engineering specialists have signed a petition demanding Congress re-open an official investigation into the 9/11 attack and the collapse of the twin towers.

Listen to the full interview with Alan Hart below. The 9/11 discussion begins at around the 35 minute mark.

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