Hebrew Culture for Dummies by Gilad Atzmon

Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 3:02PM Gilad Atzmon

the last few days Israel was singled out by the  Nuclear
Non-Proliferation conference’s decision  to note Israel  as a country’s
whose facilities must be regulated as "fundamentally wrong and
duplicitous." This happens for a reason. As much as Israel insists to
operate as a modernised  high-tech Jewish Ghetto, it also persists in
being the biggest threat to world peace. Seemingly,  nations are
starting to show some real signs of fatigue of the Jewish state and its
collective lunacy. But the bad news from Israel doesn’t stop just
there. The Sunday Times reports today that Israel stations nuclear
missile in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline. This doesn’t leave much
room for doubt. Following the suicidal Massada narrative, the Jewish
state is now doing everything it can to escalate the situation in the
Middle East into a nuclear world war.

This brings us back to the Free Gaza Flotilla that aims to deliver
necessary aid to the besieged Gazans.  It doesn’t take a genius to
gather that in addition to its humanitarian mission, the Free Gaza
Flotilla has a simple symbolic role. It is there to direct world
attention to the unbearably grim situation in Gaza. Gaza is the biggest
jail in the history of humanity. It is a concentration camp for 1.5
million Palestinians, many of them 1948 refugees. The Gazans have been
living in a blockade for four years. They are subject to air raids,
warfare with  WMDs, they are starved and face severe shortages of
water, petrol, electricity and medical supplies.

The Flotilla should also be realised as a symbol of world fatigue of
Israeli barbarism.  As such, the Flotilla can only win. It will win if
Israel let it through to accomplish its crucial humanitarian mission
but it will also win if Israel  stops it off shore, detains its
participants and sends some of them to jail as Israel has vowed to do.
Israel can only lose here and its leadership may want to think twice on
how to minimise the damage they are about to inflict upon themselves.

The Jewish state is very engaged with Jewish history. Yet, Israelis
have managed to draw the very wrong historic lesson. Rather than
becoming a compassionate and merciful nation, Israel has become an
ultimate merciless evil. It locks the indigenous population of the land
in concentration camps. It existentially threatens the entire region
with its nuclear arsenal. It indeed looks as if the Jewish state gave
up on the possibility to become a nation amongst nations. It gave up on

Following the astonishing statistical figure of  94% of Israelis
supporting  the 2009  genocidal assault on Gaza,  the Israeli
leadership gathers that inflicting pain on others translates into
political popularity in the Jewish State’s street. Currently, the
Israelis seem to gain a lot of pleasure from watching their kosher Navy
chasing cement and paper on its way to  Gaza.  As I write these words,
6 boats are making their way to Gaza.  Their humanitarian mission is
sacred. This Flotilla is also a symbol of our  resentment towards
Israeli barbarism. Israel better listen to the nations now because the
world’s ability to endure tolerance to Zionist brutality is running out

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