Israeli MP Who Joined Flotilla Faces Witchhunt

Officials Try to Strip Haneen Zoubi of Citizenship

by Jonathan Cook / June 8th, 2010

An Israeli parliamentary committee recommended stripping an Arab
MP of her privileges yesterday in a move to prepare the ground for
putting her on trial for participating last week in the Gaza-bound aid
flotilla attacked by Israeli commandos.  

Haneen Zoubi, who has become a national hate figure since challenging
Israel’s account of the confrontation, said yesterday she was facing “a

The interior minister, Eli Yishai, has submitted a request for her
citizenship to be revoked, and a bill — labelled the “Zoubi Law” — is
being considered that would allow a serving MP to be expelled for
“inciting” against the state.  

Ms Zoubi has been provided with a bodyguard after receiving a spate
of death threats. A popular Facebook page in Hebrew is calling for her
execution and an online petition for her expulsion from the parliament
has attracted tens of thousands of supporters.  

Last week, in unprecedented scenes as she tried to address
parliament, Ms Zoubi was heckled into silence by Jewish legislators
shouting out “terrorist” and “traitor”. Guards only narrowly prevented a
far-right parliamentarian from attacking her.  

Yesterday’s hearing of the parliament’s house committee was
originally intended to consider revoking the immunity of six Arab MPs,
including Ms Zoubi, who travelled to Libya in April. All the Arab MPs
boycotted the meeting.  

However, the committee chairman, Yariv Levin, of Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party, switched the focus to Ms Zoubi’s
involvement in the flotilla.  

Legal advisers said the MP was still being investigated for
attempting to enter a closed military area and violence against the
commandos. After she disembarked from the Mavi Marmara in Ashdod last
week, Ms Zoubi said she had been questioned by police about possessing a

The committee approved by a majority of 7-1 stripping her of
parliamentary privileges that take away her diplomatic passport,
reportedly to prevent her fleeing the country, and withdraw help with
litigation fees. Parliament must approve the decision.  

Mr Levin accused Ms Zoubi of betraying the country and said she must
be put on trial. “What Zoubi did crossed the line and even in a
democracy there must be red lines. Whoever sails to Hamas is a supporter
of terror,” he said.  

Ms Zoubi responded: “They conducted a kangaroo court against me. They
have called on the public to harm me.”  

An editorial in the liberal Haaretz newspaper warned
yesterday that an atmosphere of “dangerous incitement” was developing
against Israel’s Palestinian minority, a fifth of the population. Two
other Arab MPs, Ahmed Tibi and Taleb al Sana, revealed that they too had
received death threats.  

In addition to the removal of Ms Zoubi’s privileges, she is also
facing the revocation of her citizenship. The measure has been used only
twice before in Israel’s history — both times against Palestinian
citizens accused of terrorism.  

Last week, Mr Yishai wrote to the attorney general asking for the
go-ahead, saying Ms Zoubi had “headed a group of terrorists” and was
“undoubtedly aware of the activists’ preparations for the attack against
IDF troops. This is a premeditated act of treason.”  

Orna Kohn, a lawyer with Adalah, a legal centre for the country’s
Palestinian minority, said Mr Yishai’s move was “uncharted legal
territory” that could leave Ms Zoubi stateless, in violation of
international law. “There is simply no precedent for revoking the
citizenship of an MP,” she said.

After Ms Zoubi’s release last week, she said she had seen three
passengers shot in the head by soldiers, and two more left to bleed to
death. According to autopsies conducted in Turkey, five of the nine dead
passengers were shot in the head, and many of the lethal shots were
fired from close range.  

During her address to the parliament last week, Ms Zoubi called for
an international investigation and demanded to know why Israel had not
published photographs and video footage it confiscated from passengers
that related to the nine dead and dozens of wounded.  

After the session, she said: “It was so hostile in the chamber that,
had MPs been allowed to carry guns, I am sure someone would have shot
me.”   Israel has been swept by rightwing demonstrations in support of
the raid on the flotilla over the past few days.

A Hebrew Facebook page “Execute MP Haneen Zoubi” features a cartoon
image of the MP with crosshairs on her forehead as the figure waves a
Palestinian flag with a bloody Star of David at its centre.  

 Ms Zoubi said she had been surprised to learn that the armed
bodyguard — normally reserved for government ministers and the head of
state — was supposed to remain with her even inside the parliament
chamber. “What does that say about the threat posed by my fellow MPs?”  

Four other leaders of Israel’s Palestinian community who were on the
ships are being investigated by police. After the mass release of
detainees last week, they were freed to house arrest but are banned from
leaving the country.  

At his remand hearing, Sheik Raed Salah, a leader of Israel’s Islamic
Movement, said of the flotilla episode: “The soldiers tried to kill me.
They fired in the direction of someone else they thought was me.”  

Rumours circulating widely that Sheikh Salah had been killed in the
commando raid eight days ago were not denied by Israeli officials and
only ended when his family identified that a body brought to an Israeli
hospital was not his.

Jonathan Cook is a writer and journalist based in
Nazareth, Israel. His latest books are Israel and the Clash of
Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East

(Pluto Press) and Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in
Human Despair
(Zed Books). Read other
articles by Jonathan
, or visit
Jonathan’s website

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