List of names of 125 Israeli spies picked up 9/11

Monday, March 17, 2008

“Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert interceded
twice with his good friend New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to have the
9/11 Israelis released”

(These were the 5 Israelis dressed
as Arabs on the top of a building by the World Trade Centers and
Building #7 taking camcorder pictures of themselves cheering and jumping
up and down with joy as the planes hit the buildings. They all had hand
held radios and were most likely the one’s that set off the explosives
“that imploded all three buildings in their own footsteps”. After being
held for five days in jail the five were quietly sent back to Israel.)

and his 9/11 link with Israel and his friendship with Jerusalem Mayor
Ehud Olmert who interceded twice with his good friend New York Mayor
Rudolph Giuliani to have the 9/11 Israelis released”-

In Wayne
Madsen’s article

Monday Aug. 8, 2005 which exposes 125 Israeli Mossad spies picked up
before, on and after 9/11 and their involvement in 9/11 …

will notice the zionist controlled media and U.S. government try to
convince you that the Israelis were spying on Arabs, in Madsen’s
article… however, you will note below that spying on our military
installations and government buildings has nothing to do with spying on

Israeli Spies-The DEA compiled an extensive list
of the Israeli art students as an appendix by Wayne Madsen:

presence in the United States of a number of Israelis, most of whom had
specialized military and intelligence backgrounds, in the months prior
to 911 is a subject that has received inadequate attention from the
major U.S. media and government investigators.

The activities of
the Israelis fell into two main areas: the casing of the offices and
homes of Federal law enforcement officials, U.S. military bases, and
other sensitive sites by Israeli "art students" during 2000 and 2001 and
the unusual activities of Israeli "movers" around sensitive areas
during and after 911.

These incidents occurred in tandem with the
suspicious activities of other former Israeli military and intelligence
officials in neighboring countries, including Canada and Mexico, after
911. In addition, a number of Israeli intelligence agents were
apprehended abroad for passport violations and other illegal activities.
(Indexing Section) to its report (LNU means "last name unknown") (See
full report for this)

List of
Israeli’s picked up Re: 9/11 from Wayne Madsen.

referred to as “identified” have other info on them and are in the
entire article by Mr. Madsen)

1. BLAIN, Gat NADDIS negative,
occupation: Israeli art student, sold painting to DEA employee in
Dallas, TX on 01/04/2001 (Identified in paragraph 22)

FREIDMAN, Shabar NADDIS – Negative driver’s license (#6728447), ID

3. AVRAHAM, Gerzon Ofir NADDIS – Negative. DOB
(08/12177), Israel passport (#6315574), Israeli Ministries of Transport
ID (#034193615)

4. L.N.U., Shahar NADDIS – Negative

BARAM, Lior NADDIS – Negative. Florida driver’s license
10733 Cleary Blvd., #206, Plantation, Florida,
33324-0000, (DOB 02/07/76), 5’9", dark eyes and black hair

COHEN, Hammutal NADDIS – Negative DOB (01/29/62), Israeli passport
(#6077838), Immigration departure (#41060016307 02/12/01), 5’8", 145

7. RUBINSTEIN, Itay NADDIS – Negative DOB (01/17/79), US,
visa (#39127358), date of entry 12/23/00, Israeli passport (#39127358)
[sic, see visa], 6’0", 165 lbs.

8. AHARON, Ohad NADDIS – Negative

SEGAL, Yafit NADDIS – Negative

10. TOV, Yaniv Sheni NADDIS –
Negative DOE (06/02/74) NADDIS negative

11. DOR, Sahlev NADDIS –
Negative DOB (08/08/77) NADDIS negative AJ

12. GROSS, Hagit
NADDIS – Negative DOB (09/30/78), Israeli passport (#5111696)

SHLOMO, Rony NADDIS – Negative approximately 21 yoa

Inbar NADDIS – Negative Israeli passport (#7674731)

15. DRORE,
Rani NADDIS – Negative approximately 27 yoa

16. YOCHAI, Legurn
NADDIS – Negative 13 753 SO 90th Ave., Mami, Florida 33176

MEYTAL, Cohen NADDIS – Negative. Address: c/o Calmanovic, 3575 N.
Beltline Rd,, P.0, Box 316, Irving, Texas 75062. Addressed used by
Michael Calmanovic, identified below

18. SISSO, Rosie NADDIS –

19. BURKHOLDER, Seth Thomas NADDIS – Negative. 3329
Bartlett Rd., Orlando, Florida, 1995 white Nissan pickup bearing Florida
license plate D36-TTQ.

20. L.N.U., Elsa NADDIS – Negative.

SMITH, Travis Wayne NADDIS – Negative. white male, DOB (11/09/74), FBI
No. 530083DBS (Assault – Domestic Violence) address: 615 S. Hardy, 4210,
Tempe, Arizona

22. ESTRADA, Ramon Hispanic male, NADDIS –
Negative. DOB (07/26/63), arrested 12/82 "processing marijuana for
sale," 5/95 "transport/sell narcotics," 7/95 "transport/sell narcotics,
adult giving minor narcotics, " 8/95 "domestic violence." FBI No. 7643
5FAG, CASID No. CA07401218, WASID No. WA17692473

23. GILOR, Yaniv
Zacoravich NADDIS – Negative. registered owner of a 1997 Chevy van in
San Diego, CA

24. MENDEL, Leviella NADDIS – Negative. 83 77 Tamar
Drive, #37, Columbia,
Maryland, DOB 10/29/75, Maryland driver’s
license #M-534-514-009-032, 5’7", 150 lbs. Additional inquiries revealed
MENDEL has a new residential address, 4733 Haskell Ave., #46, Encino,

25. SILVER, Danny NADDIS – Negative. (NFI)
Tampa, Florida District Office identified the following individuals

26. BENDALAK, Orit: NADDIS negative, DOB 10-28-78, WF,
POB Israel, 5’7", 140 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes.


negative, 701 S. 21 Ave. #207, Hollywood, FL 33020, DOB 11/04/1977, FL
DL C500-200-77-404-0, State of Israel Ministry of Transport card number

29. HARARI, Ilana: NADDIS negative, W/F, DOB 4-29-79,
9-29-79, 2-9-79, 14 Jerico Itolon Israel, attends University of
Jerusalem, 5’3", 90 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, tattoo of sun on right

30. KENDEL, Rachel: NADDIS negative, White/Female, State of
Israel Ministry of Transport card number 7095201 and 034807727, Israeli
passport number 6614254.

3 1, KUZNITZ, Keren: NADDIS – Negative.
1818 E. Oakland Park Blvd. #98, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, DOB
02/09/1979, 5’5"; FL driver’s license: K253-500-79-549-0, State of
Israel Ministry of Transport card number 7121535 and 035721844.

L.N.U, Nadav NADDIS – (NFI)

33. L.N.U., Tom NADDIS – Negative.
White, male. Address: Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Reportedly
sells artwork to Israeli art students.

34. MARZIANO, Assaf or
Asaf NADDIS negative, DOB 2-4-78, state of Israel Ministry of Transport #
034086959, passport #552306S, POB Israel, WM, 5’7", 150 lbs,

MATATIA, Keren: NADDIS negative (NFI)

36. OSHRA, Sussie: NADDIS
negative. (NFI)

37. SASSOON, Sarah Minna: NADDIS negative, 2916
Pierce St., 94, Hollywood, FL 33020, DOB 11/8/1978, FL DL#

38. SELLA, Livnet: NADDIS negative, DOB
12/24/1978, State of Israel Ministry of Transport number 7023400 and
036208023, International Student Idenitity card number S972-204-776-601.

SERFATY, Hanan, aka Hanane SARFATI: NADDIS negative, 4220 Sheridan St.,
#303, Hollywood, FL 33.021, and 701 S. 21 Ave., Hollywood, FL, DOB
06/03/1977, 6′, FL DL S613-320-77-203-0, registered owner of red
mini-van FL tag # U71 DLD, phone number (954) 478-1006
cellular phone number (954)
begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (954)

SIMON, Michael: NADDIS negative, w/m, 11-23-78, Aliebenliezel 82,
Jerusalem, telephone number 97226768256, Israeli passport no. 8660008,
POB Jerusalem, 6’1",180 lbs.,black hair, brown eyes.

Inbal: NADDIS negative aka Bella POLLCSON, State of Israel Ministry of
Transport License number 7098663 and 036444842, International Student
Identity Card number S972-204-775-487, DOB 02/03/1979.

ZAGURI, Oshirt: NADDIS negative, 701 S. 21 Ave., 4205, Hollywood, FL
33020, DOB 07/11/1977, 5’6", FL DL #Z260-640-77-75 1 -0..

-Negative. This female left a business card stating EAG-Guy Kedem,
European Art Group, Oil Paintings; phone number (720) 581-7076
; Fax
number (303) 336-7006. The (720) number is unlisted and the (303)
number is a fax number for Heritage Creek Apartments, 650 South Dahlia
Circle, Denver, Colorado. (NFI)
The following individuals were
identified by the Ft. Meyers, Florida Resident Office (#45-48):

MEIRAV, Zwaig, NADDIS – Negative. w/f, thin build, short long dark
hair, DOB: 2/9/76, US VISA control # 20003205620012, Israeli passport

46. MACHBUBI, Hilda, NADDIS – Negative. w/f DOB: 5/4/79,
US VISA control # 2000397210011, Israeli passport # 6530284, FL ID

47. SIMKIN, Nimrod, NADDIS – Negative. w/m,
over 6′ tall, curly hair, DOB: 9/2/77, FL DL# S525-620-77-3220

KEREN, Inbal, NADDIS – Negative. w/f, DOB: 7/17/79, US VISA control #
20001710300009, Israeli passport # 6082073

The following individuals were identified by
the Richmond, Virginia District Office (#49-54):

KEDEM, Eran, NADDIS – Negative. w/m, Israel, dob 10/15/75, 5’11",
1601bs., 12990 SW 74th St., Pine Crest, FL, Israeli ID 4031820079,
Israeli driver’s license #651007

50. PERLAS, Limor NADDIS –
Negative. (NFI)

51. ASE, Shiri NADDIS – Negative. (NFI).

KEMETCH, Omit, a.k.a. KIMCHY, Ornit, NADDIS – Negative. w/f, dob
02/04/74, passport 96814521

53. MER, Shmrt NADDIS – Negative.

54. BOUZAGLO, Kobi, NADDIS – Negative. cellular telephone 1-888-321-6213
              1-888-321-6213      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

The following individuals were identified by
the Montgomery, Alabama District Office:

Marcelo, NADDIS – Negative. dob 11/24/77, Argentina passport #26316660,
901 S.E. 1st Ave., #2, Gainesville, FL., 617 E. University Ave.,
Gainesville, FL., 1436 Washington Ave., Miami, FL., registered owner of
1984 GMC Custom Van, Florida tag T11YZX., Argentina DNI26316660 card
4190961, speaks English and Spanish, Tel # (352)378-1485
              (352)378-1485      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

(Identified in Paragraph 6)

56. VALANSI, Roberto, NADDIS –
Negative. father of Marcelo VALANSI. Salguero 2468, Apartment 15, Buenos
Aires (NFI) (Identified in Paragraph 10)

57. VALANSI, Graziela,
NADDIS – Negative. mother of Marcelo VALANSI, Salguero 2468, Apartment
15, Buenos Aires (NFI) (Identified in Paragraph 10)

58. SAGES,
Ester, NADDIS – Negative. dob 9/30/77, Israeli passport 96470399,
Attornet 161, New York City, NY., Hotel Carlton, New York City, NY
father of Ester SAGES, (NFI) (Identified in Paragraph 9)
in Paragraph 6)

59. SAGES, Elyahu NADDIS – Negative. (deceased),

SAGES, Marjalit, NADDIS – Negative. Mother of Ester SAGES (NFI)
(Identified in Paragraph 8)

61. DARDIC, Vanina Erika, NADDIS –
Negative. dob 3/5/78, Argentina passport #10581811, 901 S.E. 1st Ave.,
Gainesville, FL. . Argentina DN126473227 card #J8557, speaks English,
Hebrew, and Spanish, girlfriend of VALANSI, citizen of Argentina and
Israel (Identified in Paragraph 4)

Negative. father of Vanina DARDIC (NFI) (Identified in Paragraph 9)

COHEN, Judith (maiden name) NADDIS – Negative. mother of Vanina DARDIC
(NFI) (Identified in Paragraph 9)

Negative. W/F Brown hair, Brown eyes, DOB: Oct 03, 1978. Citz: Israel
Passport Number: 5013766 issued 12-03-92, expires 3-12-2002 US Visa
number 20001818940002 Class B-1/B-2 issued July 05, 2000 Expires June

65. BALHAMS, Meirav NADDIS – Negative. W/F Brown hair,
Brown eyes, 5’03" DOB: 10-03-78 Citz: Israel. New York ED Card 4
140-614-039. Address: 354 Paterson Plank Road #1, Jersey City, NJ 07650

The following individuals were identified by
the Orlando D.O. on May 3, 2001:

66. SEGALOVITZ, Peer –
NADDIS Negative, White, male, Nationality: Israeli, DOB: 03-16-1974, POB
Israel, Address: 8187 N. University Drive Apt. 4129, Tamarac, FL,
entered the U.S. on B-2 class visa on January 17, 2001. Former officer in Israeli Special Forces 605
Battalion. Israeli Military ED # 5087989
. Encountered May 3, 2001
at the Orlando D.O. Occupation: Israeli Art Vendor/Student. (Identified
in Paragraph 96)

67. SEGALOVITZ, Dror – NADDIS – Negative.
White, Male, Brother of Peer Segalovitz. ADD: Address 8187 N. University
Drive, Apt. Nationality: Israel. Identified in Paragraph 98)

SABGUNDJIAN, Kathy – NADDIS: Negative. (626) 358-6453
(626) 256-1027

SAGIV, Akyuz Shmuel – NADDIS: Negative. White, Male, Israeli Passport #
8710426; DOB: 09-27-1976; POB: Maaloot, Israel; Entered US In New York;
PN: 954712-2126. Associate of Peer Segalovitz and Dror Segalovitz.
(Identified in paragraph #99).

following were identified at the Volk Field ANG Base, Camp Douglas,

70. WATERMANN, Tsvi NADDIS – Negative, AKA:
Watermann, Zvi; white, male, DOB: June 7, 1979; Address: Pri Megadim 36
Mevaseret Zion, Isreal; Israeli Passport # 5728101 expiration date July
20, 2002; U.S. visa class B1/B2 expiration date March 20, 2011; Israeli
Ministry of Transport driver’s license, number 7046942.

KANTOR, Gal Kal NADDIS – Negative. white, male, DOB: Sep 08, 1975,
Address: Kibbuts Eilon NO Western Galilee, Israel 22845; Israeli
Passport 8261507 expiration date of Oct 20, 2004; U.S. B1/B2 visa,
control number 19993358160012, expiration date of Nov 30, 2009.
following were identifed at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma:

72. OHANA,
Yaron NADDIS – Negative. DOB: 02-04-78; POB: Haifa, Israel; Passport
Number: 8421721 U.S. Visa Number:42252049.

73. KALFON, Ronen
NADDIS – Negative. DOB: 04-13-76; POB: Haifa, Israel Passport Number
:8168262; U.S. Visa Number: 3 5966019.

74. COHEN, Zeev NADDIS –
Negative. DOB: 03-26-78; POB: Haifa, Israel, Passport Number: 5524033:
U.S. Visa Number: 33331965.

75. TOPAZ, Naor NADDIS – Negative
DOB: 06-08-77; POB: Haif, Israel Passport Number: 8081705; U.S. Visa
Number: 33306515.

The following
were identified by the Euless, TX Police Department on January 2nd,
2001, (refer to page 10):

Negative. W/M, DOB’09/17/1978

77. YANAY, Betzalel, NADDIS –
Negative. W/M, DOB 09/04/1978

78. BITON, MoriN Miryam, NADDIS –
Negative. W/F; DOB 07/14/1980

79. SASSON, Dana, NADDIS –
Negative. W/F, DOB 08/10/1980

80. TOUYZ, Keren, NADDIS –
Negative. W/F, DOB 08/20/1978

81. TZOR, Noam, NADDIS – Negative.
previous owner of 1GAHG39K5SF112662, a 1995 Chev/Spt owned by Gilad
LIFSHITZ of 7535 N. Beltline Rd, APt 316, Irving, Texas 75062.

ROTEM, Sharon, NADDIS – Negative. described as a white male, DOB 03
-12-77, Israeli passport number 7948317, street address: 6023 Moshe
Dayan, Holon, Israel.

83. MAIMON, Maya, NADDIS – Negative.
Nationality: Israel. Israeli passport number as 5467894, US B1/B2 visa,
DOB 26Dec1978, Issue Date: 18Oct2000, Expiration Date: 15Oct2010.

Nofar, NADDIS – Negative. Nationality Israel. Israeli passport number
5640993, DOB 21/03/1979 (sic), Place of Birth: Israel, date of
issue:05/12/1993, date of expiry (sic): 04/12/1995; US Visa B I/B2,
issueDate: 05Jul 1996, ExpiryDate: 02JUL2006.

Marco NADDIS – Negative. Airline tickets were found reflecting the
travel of Maya MAIMON and Marco MARABOTTO from DFW airport to
Albuquerque, NM via Delta flight 2238 on March 24, 2001. Each ticket
also reflected Delta flight 1944 from Las Vegas to DFW on April 1, 2001.

FERNANDEZS, Marco, NADDIS – Negative a.k.a. Marco Antonio FERNANDEZ De
Castro Marabotto, DOB 13Apr1977, passport number 99390039611, Issuing
State: Mexico; place of birth: Mexico, date of issue: 16Jul1999,
expiration Date: l6Jul2000.

87. REGEV, Gadi, NADDIS – Negative
described as DOB: 17Dec1975, Nationality: Israel, passport number
5454338, vis, issuing post: Tel 10334 Sandra Lynn Dr., Dallas, TX 75228.
DOB 05-27-1977, commercial database shows that ARTZI is the owner of a
1993 Plymouth Acclaim, a type: B1/B2Texas plate: J75FYB, date registered
08/21/2000, expiration Date: 07/31/2001
89, SUSI, David, NADDIS
Negative DOB 01/09/1975, boyfriend of Maya MAIMON

The following were identified by I&NS –

90. ELDAD, Dahan, NADDIS – Negative. W/M Israeli,
add: Oak IEH Apts. 1913 Estrada Parkway, #228, Irving, TX. Arrested by
I&NS March 26 2001. (Identified in paragraph 39)

AFRICANO-Leon, Elsa Beatriz, NADDIS – Negative. W/F Nationality:
Colombia Add: Oak Hill Apts. 1913 Estrada Parkway, #228, Irving, TX.
Arrested by I&NS March 26, 2001. (Identified in paragraph 39)

LIVNI, Eran, NADDIS – Negative. W/M Israeli Add: Oak Hill Apts. 1913
Estrada Parkway, #228, Irving, TX Arrested by I&NS March 26, 2001.
(Identified in paragraph 40)

93. OFEK, Aran, NADDIS – Negative.
W/M Israeli, ADD: Oak Hill Apts. 1913 Estrada Parkway, #259, Irving,
TX., father is 2-star general in Israeli Army. Arrested by I&NS
March 26, 200 1. (Identified in paragraph 40)

94, GAL, Michal,
NADDIS – Negative. W/F, Israeli, DOB 08/10/1979, POB Afula, Israel, INS A
75-894-941, ADD: Oak Hill Apts. 1913 Estrada Parkway, 4259, Irving, TX,
Alt add.: 22 Palisade Terrace, Edgewater, NJ 01020 Tel: (201)224-0797
              (201)224-0797      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Arrested by I&NS March 26, 2001. (Identified in paragraph 40)

GAVRIEL, Noam, NADDIS – Negative. Nationality: Israel (Identified in
paragraph 40)

96. KRITZMAN, Netta, NADDIS – Negative.
Nationality: US Citizen (Identified in paragraph 40)

BAER, Ophir, NADDIS – Negative. W/K DOB 11/11/1956, Nationality:
Israel, employed by AMDOCS, Ltd., add: 7845 La Cabeza Drive, Dallas, TX
75248, former add: 1125 East Campbell Rd., Richardson, TX, Tel: (972) 392-0473

& (214) 576-5741
SSN: 627-70-0979- (Identified in paragraph 42)

Limited., NADDIS – Negative. add: 1390 Timberlake Manor Parkway,
Chesterfield, MO, Tel: (314)
begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (314)

(Identified in paragraph 43)

DOTAN, Boaz, NADDIS – Negative. 23 Abba Hillel, St. Ranat Gan, Israel,
TX president of AMDOCS, Ltd. (Identified in paragraph 43)

WHITMAN, Beverly A., NADDIS – Negative. SSN: 400-88-4097, Treasurer of
AMDOCS, Ltd. (Identified in paragraph 43)

CHRISTOFFEL, Gregory, NADDIS – Negative. SSN: 389-52-850, Secretary of
AMDOCS, Ltd. (Identified in paragraph 43)

102. MOSHE, Eran,
NADDIS – Negative. Israeli, I&NS A 75-894-459, averted by I&N on
03/26/2001, occup. Israeli art student (Identified in paragrph 44)

VAINSHTEIN, Julia, NADDIS – Negative. W/F Israeli, DOB 11/12/1978, POB:
Russia, arrived DFW on 03/27/2001, Assoc: Michael CALMANOVIC
(Identified in paragraph 46)

Negative. Israeli, DOB 03/15/1979, POB: Israel,
former Israeli Military Intelligence Officer, Assoc: Michael CALMANOVIC
(Identified in paragraph 46)

105. NAVAR, Ofir, NADDIS –
Negative. Israeli, DOB 09/02/1979, POB: Israel,
former Israeli Military Demolition/Explosive ordnance specialist

(Identified inparagraph 46)

106. CALMANOVIC, Michael, NADDIS –
Negative. W/M, Israeli, DOB 09/06/1-975, POB: Israel, registered owner
of TX: L44-CVD, add: 3575 N. Beltline Rd., Apt. 316, Irving, TX., alt.
add: 312 Rochelle Rd., Irving, TX, alt. add: 1103 Hidden Ridge #3018,
Irving, TX alt. Add: 1913 Estrada Parkway, Irving, TX 75061, alt. add:
11012 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604 Tel: (214)882-5196
              (214)882-5196      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
, alt,
add: 319 S. 177 Place, 4201, Seattle, WA 98148 Tel: (206) 244-7705
Tel: (214) 882-5196
/ (214) 837-3574
/ (469)446-1248
              (469)446-1248      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
(214) 837-5996
(214) 876-1235
(217) 837-2056
former Israeli electronic intercept officer.
Arrested by I&NS on April 4th, 2001, Posted $50K bond, (Identified
in paragraph 46)

107. SIMON, Itay, NADDIS – Negative. W/M,
Israeli, DOB 02/27/1978, POB: Israel,
former Israeli military
, add: 1103 Hidden Ridge #3018, Irving,
TX, alt add: California Associate of Michael Calmanovic. Arrested by
I&NS April 4, 2001 for violation of status, posted $50,000 bond.
(Identified in paragraph 50)

108. LNU, Gilad, NADDIS – Negative.
Tel: (214) 882-5196
(214) 876-1235

(Identified in paragraph 50)

109. LNU, Roy, NADDIS – Negative.
Tel: (214) 837-3574

(Identified in paragraph 50)[39]

110. LNU, Mosh, NADDIS –
Negative. Tel: (469) 446-1248

(Identified in paragraph 50)

111. LNU, Gil, NADDIS – Negative.
Tel: (214) 837-5996

(Identified in paragraph 50)

112. LNU, Gasaf, NADDIS – Negative.
Tel: (217) 837-2056

(Identified in paragraph 50)

113. ENGEL, Yoni, NADDIS – Negative.
W/K DOB 09/14/1979, POB: Israeli
Citizen, Israel, former company commader in Israeli military
arrived DFW on 03/28/2001, arrested by I&NS, St. Louis, MO on April
4th, 2001 (Identified in paragraph 51)

114. DAGAI, Yotam, NADDIS –
Negative. DOB 04/06/1978, POB: Israeli Citizen, Israel, arrested by
I&NS, St. Louis, MO on April 4th, 2001, arrived DFW on 03/28/2001.
(Identified in paragraph 51)

115. ALROEI, Or, W/M DOB 08/08/1978,
POB: Israeli Citizen, Israel, visited DEA St. Louis on 04/04/2001, Had
Tel: (214) 882-5196
his possession, Associate of Michael CALMANOVIC & Gil LNU.
(Identified in paragraph 51)

Negative. W/M, DOB 03/27/1979, U.S.
E3701329518, 5’6", Aviv, issue Date: 05Nov1998,
expiration Date: 04Nov2008
88. ARTZI, Eyal, NADDIS – Negative Texas
DL 19554509, and an expiration date of 06-27-07. address: 175 lbs.,
brown hair (Identified in paragraph 51)

117. ADESA Golden Gate,
NADDIS – Negative. add: 6700 Stevenson Blvd., Fremont, CA, registered
owner of CA: 3LVAO1P (Identified in paragraph 51)

118. SADAN,
Ben, NADDIS – Negative, W/M Israeli, approx. 24 yoa, Tel: (214) 562-1110
driver of Israeli art students encountered April 4, 2001 in St. Louis,

119. BEN DOR, Tomer, NADDIS – Negative. W/M Israeli,’DOB
08/24/1975, occup: Computer software
engineer, employer: NICE, former Israeli military officer for patriot
missile defense
(Identified in paragraph 55)

Marina, NADDIS – Negative. W/F Nationality: Israel, DOB 12/15/1972
(Identified in paragraph 53)

121. AKIVA, Ronen, associate of
Marina GLIKMAN, occup: computer program
employer: RETALIX, former Israeli military officer
in paragraph 55)

122. RETALIX, USA, NADDIS – Negative. add: 8081
Royal Ridge Parkway, Irving, TX, formerly known as Point of Sale,
Limited. (Identified in paragraph 55).

123. DOR, Hillel, NADDIS –
Negative. W/M Israeli, DOB 04/06/1971. Associate of Marina GLIKMAN
(Identified in paragraph 55)

124. MILLER, Zeev, NADDIS –
Negative. W/M Israeli, DOB 09/04/1971, occup: student/software engineer,
employer: RETALIX Israel (Identified in paragraph 55).

SHAKED, Barry, NADDIS – Negative, CEO of RETALIX (Identified in
paragraph 55).

On April 30, 2001, the Air Force issued a
security alert from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City concerning a
"possible intelligence collection effort being conducted by Israeli art
students." DEA, INS, FBI, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
offices received similar alerts. The FBI office in New Orleans
reportedly received a "Counter terrorism Advisory Report regarding
suspicious activities around Federal buildings that related to Israeli
students" in February 2000. The FBI also reported that an Israeli art
student attempted to sell art at the residences of a U.S. District Judge
and U.S. Magistrate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, according to
knowledgeable U.S. government sources, the FBI stayed away from the
ongoing DEA-INS investigation for "political reasons."

any of this have anything to do with Israelis spying on Moslems?)

Israeli students operated in groups of between 4 to 8 individuals led
by "Team Leaders." The team leaders controlled the teams’ visits, drove
the vehicles, and often had in their vehicles cameras and recording
equipment. A number of the students had significant Israeli military
experience in demolitions, explosives, and signals intelligence.

team active in the Irving, Texas area (near Dallas-Fort Worth Airport)
had links to the Chesterfield, Missouri-based Israeli communications
software firm AMDOCS, which has an outsourcing agreement with Nextel;
RETALIX, an Israeli company involved in software for the retail food
industry; and NICE, an Israeli software engineering firm.

report cites Michael Calmanovic as the leader of the Irving group and
states he "was a recently discharged electronic intercept operator for
Israeli military."

Calmanovic and his Israeli supervisor from
California were arrested on April 4, 2001 in Irving, Texas, while
vacating their apartment. The DEA report states Calmanovic used a
mailbox drop at Mailboxes, Etc. located at 3575 N. Beltline Rd. Apt.
316, Irving,Texas.

The FBI list dated 3 Oct. 2001, which
was sent to national financial control authorities to freeze the
accounts of the Saudi hijackers and their associates, states the address
for suspect Ahmed Khalifa, also known as Almad Khafefa, as 4045 N.
Beltline Rd. Apt. 314, Irving, Texas (Marbletree Apartments), just a few
blocks from the Israeli mail drop.

(More and more like an Israel
"false flag" operation.. they are good at it-it is widely reported
throughout the world…but not in the U.S. that many of the "terrorist
attacks" blamed on the Moslems are actually Israeli Mossad "false flag"

There are a number of possible explanations about
why the Israeli art students were living so close to the hijackers,
especially in Florida where much of the terrorists’ flight training

Two Canadian newspapers reported that U.S.
counter-intelligence officials had warned Canadian authorities that the
Israeli art students were funneling proceeds from the art sales to
Islamist radical groups. (40) If the Florida and Texas Israeli art rings
discovered prior to 911 were providing such financial support to the
hijackers, it would explain why they closely located their mail drops so
close to one another.

The involvement of the Israeli cells with
communications companies raised serious concerns at the DEA and Justice
Department, which were both using Israeli communications intercept
software in their field operations. The DEA used a T2S2 intercept system
provided by Comverse and JSI, two Israeli companies. Comverse was very
close to the Israeli government, which reimbursed it up to 50 percent
for its research and development costs. The FBI’s Communications
Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) Implementation Office in
Chantilly, Virginia was extremely concerned about the threat posed by
Comverse’s intercept system. But the worries of the Chantilly office and
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) were overridden by the FBI’s
engineering office in Quantico, Virginia, which was supported by such
contractors as Booz Allen Hamilton.[41] The nexus of art students,
intelligence surveillance, and possible involvement in Ecstasy
trafficking set off alarm bells at the highest levels of the DEA about
the "art students." The reason was simple. T2S2 systems were used in
what the DEA, Coast Guard, Customs, and other counter narcotics agencies
called High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTAs) and associated
wiretap centers and surveillance teams (STs).

following internal DEA memo points to the worries about the Israeli

{start memo}
Subject: [DELETED]
I’m not sure what is meant by
"Bottom line we should have caught it."
——Original message——-
Raffanello, Heidi M.
Sent:Tuesday, December 18, 2001 3:04 PM
Dale M.
Cc:Newton, Otis L; Howard, JP
Subject: Comverse
As you
may have heard Security Program is briefing the Administrator[42]
tomorrow morning on the Israeli students investigation to include T2S2
Comverse and JSI
. This was a result of the Fox network expose on
Israeli counterintelligence activities. In our discussions about remote
maintenance for JSI and Comverse, we realized that Comverse remote
maintenance for field systems was not addressed in the C & A
process. We will approach it in the similar fashion as we did in the JSI
issue, however the foreign national factor doesn’t apply. It remains
unclear if Comverse personnel are security cleared and if so, who are
they and what type of clearances are on record. If you have names, I can
run their status in Personnel Security. If not, we will need to have
Comverse and ST identify a short list of personnel that will require

On March 4, 2002, Robert F. Diegelman, the acting
Assistant Attorney General for Administration, issued a Justice
Department memo development, operation, management or maintenance of
Department IT systems, unless a waiver has been granted by the
Department CIO."

Small teams of Mossad agents found with
eavesdropping equipment are nothing new to European or American law
enforcement. In February 1998, five Israelis, three men and two women,
were arrested in an apartment in the suburbs of Berne, Switzerland.

The Israeli team managed to convince the
police that they did not break and enter into the apartment but were
there legally. The apartment was the residence of an Islamic activist.
Four of the Israelis, two men and two women, were released. However, the
fifth Israeli was later discovered with sophisticated surveillance
equipment and a number of false passports. He was arrested, detained,
and held for 65 days until Israel paid 3 million Swiss francs for his
release with a promise he would return from Israel to stand trial. In
July 2000, Isaac Bental, the cover name under which the Mossad allowed
the Swiss to prosecute their agent, stood trial for espionage before the
Swiss Federal Court. It was the first time a Mossad agent had gone on
trial outside Israel.[43]

Also that Sharon’s planned
speech to several thousand Zionists two blocks from the World Trade
Center scheduled for 9/11 was cancelled. In addition the Israeli press
admitted that Israel knew in advance and 4,000 Israeli’s that worked in
the WTC were warned not to go to work on 911.

Also when I was
being interviewed on a national radio show a caller verified this fact,
from what he said he would have had too have been Israeli Mossad as I
explained in previous columns..

As in any investigation you look
for “who gains”. The U. S. and no Arab Nation gained; the only gainer
was Israel. Just prior to 9/11 public opinion of Israel was at its
lowest ebb. People were writing their representatives to stop all U. S.
Aid to Israel because of the slaughter of innocent Lebanese and
Palestinian men, women children and babies for years.

International Red Cross and several European Nations were demanding
Sharon be brought before a World Court and charged with being a “War
Criminal”. The Durban Conference had just named Israel as a “Racist
Nation” and 15 of the biggest international bankers were supposed to
appear before congress before court closing on 9/11 to face charges of
suppression of gold prices for all these years.

The documents on
this were all in the FBI offices on the 23rd and 24th floors of building
#1 World Trade Center; all this was forgotten after 9/11.

Wayne Madsen’s entire document contact Mr. Madsen at

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