The State Of The Jewish People

The worst thing that ever
happened to the Jewish people is the Holocaust. The second worst thing
that ever happened to the Jewish people is the state of Israel.

Things internationally are so
dispiriting there’s nothing left to do but fantasize. I picture Turkey,
as a member of NATO, demanding that the alliance come to its defense
after being attacked by Israel. Under Article 5 of the NATO charter an
armed attack on one member is deemed to constitute an armed attack on
all members. That is the ostensible reason NATO is fighting in
Afghanistan — the attack against the United States on September 11, 2001
is regarded as an attack on all NATO members (disregarding the awkward
fact that Afghanistan as a country had nothing to do with the attack).
The Israeli attack on a Turkish-flagged ship, operated by a Turkish
humanitarian organization, killing nine Turkish nationals and wounding
many more can certainly constitute an attack upon a NATO member.

So, after the United States, the
UK, Germany, France and other leading NATO members offer their
ridiculous non-sequitur excuses why they can’t … umm … er … invoke
Article 5, and the international media swallows it all without any
indigestion, Turkey demands that Israel should at least lose its formal
association with NATO as a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue. This
too is dismissed with scorn by the eminent NATO world powers on the
grounds that it would constitute a victory for terrorism. And
anti-Semitism of course.

Turkey then withdraws from NATO.
Azerbaijan and five other Central Asian members of NATO’s Partnership
for Peace with Turkic constituencies do the same. NATO falls into a
crisis. Remaining member countries begin to question the organization’s
policies as never before … like please tell us again why our young men
are killing and dying in Afghanistan, and why we send them to Kosovo and
Iraq and other places the Americans deem essential to their
endlessly-threatened national security.

When Vice President Biden tells
the eminent conservative-in-liberal-clothing pseudo-intellectual Charlie
Rose on TV that “We have put as much pressure and as much cajoling on
Israel as we can to allow them [Gaza] to get building materials in,”
1Rose for once rises to the occasion and acts like a real journalist,
asking Biden: “Have you threatened Israel with ending all military and
economic aid? … Have you put the names of Israeli officials on your list
of foreigners who can not enter the United States and whose bank
accounts in the US are frozen, as you’ve done with numerous foreign
officials who were not supporters of the empire? … Since Israel has
committed both crimes against the peace and crimes against humanity, and
since these are crimes that have international jurisdiction, certain
Israeli political and military personnel can be named in trials held in
any country of the world. Will you be instructing the Attorney General
to proceed with such an indictment? Or if some other country which is a
member of the International Criminal Court calls upon the ICC to
prosecute these individuals, will the United States try to block the
move? … Why hasn’t the United States itself delivered building materials
to Gaza?”

When Israel justifies its murders
on the grounds of “self-defense”, late-night TV comedians Jay Leno and
David Letterman find great humor in this, pointing out that a new memoir
by China’s premier at the time of the 1989 Tiananmen Square violent
suppression defends the military action by saying that soldiers acted in
“self-defense” when they fired on the democracy activists. 2

When Israel labels as “terrorists”
the ship passengers who offered some resistance to the Israeli
invaders, the New York Times points out that the passengers who resisted
the 9-11 highjackers on the plane which crashed in Pennsylvania are
called “heroes”. (As an aside, it’s worth noting that the United States
uses 9-11 as Israel uses the Holocaust — as excuse and justification for
all manner of illegal and violent international behavior.)

Meanwhile, the Washington Post
reminds its readers that in 2009 Israel attacked a boat on international
waters carrying medical aid to Gaza with former congresswoman Cynthia
McKinney aboard; and that in 1967 Israel attacked an American ship, the
USS Liberty, killing 34 and wounding about 173, and that President
Johnson did then just what President Obama is doing now and would have
done then — nothing.

And finally, Secretary of State
Clinton declares that she’s had a revelation. She realizes that what she
recently said about North Korea when it was accused of having torpedoed
a South Korean warship applies as well to Israel. Mrs. Clinton had
demanded that Pyongyang “stop its provocative behavior, halt its policy
of threats of belligerence towards its neighbors, and take irreversible
steps to fulfill its denuclearization commitments and comply with
international law.” 3 She adds that the North Korean guilt is by no
means conclusive, while Israel doesn’t deny its attack on the ship at
all; moreover, it’s not known for sure if North Korea actually possesses
nuclear weapons, whereas there’s no uncertainty about Israel’s large

So there you have it. Hypocrisy
reigns. Despite my best fantasizing. Is hypocrisy a moral failing or a
failure of the intellect? When President Obama says, as he has often,
“No one is above the law” and in his next breath makes it clear that his
administration will not seek to indict Bush or Cheney for any crimes,
does he think that no one will notice the contradiction, the hypocrisy?
That’s a callous disregard for public opinion and/or a dumbness worthy
of his predecessor.

And when he declares: “The future
does not belong to those who gather armies on a field of battle or bury
missiles in the ground”, 4does it not occur to him at all that he’s
predicting a bleak outlook for the United States? Or that his conscious,
deliberate policy is to increase the size of America’s army and its
stockpile of missiles?

Comrades, can the hypocrisy and
the lies reach such a magnitude that enough American true believers
begin to question their cherished faith, so that their number reaches a
critical mass and explodes? Well, it’s already happened with countless
Americans, but it’s an awfully formidable task keeping pace with what is
turned out by the mass media and education factories. They’re awfully
good at what they do. Too bad. But don’t forsake the struggle. What
better way is there to live this life? And remember, just because the
world has been taken over by lying, hypocritical, mass-murdering madmen
doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time.

Bad guys and good guys

In Lahore, Pakistan, reported the
Washington Post on May 29, “Militants staged coordinated attacks … on
two mosques of a minority Muslim sect, taking hostages and killing at
least 80 people. … At least seven men armed with grenades, high-powered
rifles and suicide vests stormed the mosques as Friday prayers ended.”

Nice, really nice, very civilized.
It’s no wonder that decent Americans think that this is what the United
States is fighting against — Islamic fanatics, homicidal maniacs, who
kill their own kind over some esoteric piece of religious dogma, who
want to kill Americans over some other imagined holy sin, because we’re
“infidels”. How can we reason with such people? Where is the common
humanity the naive pacifists and anti-war activists would like us to

And then we come to the very last
paragraph of the story: “Elsewhere in Pakistan on Friday, a suspected
U.S. drone-fired missile struck a Taliban compound in the South
Waziristan tribal area, killing eight, according to two officials in the
region.” This, we are asked to believe by our leaders, is a higher
level of humanity. The United States does this every other day, sending
robotic death machines called Predators flying over Afghanistan and
Pakistan, to send Hellfire missiles screaming into wedding parties,
funerals, homes, not knowing who the victims are, not caring who the
victims are, many hundreds of them by now, as long as Washington can
claim each time — whether correctly or not — that amongst their number
was a prominent infidel, call him Taliban, or al Qaeda, or insurgent, or
militant. How can one reason with such people, the ones in the CIA who
operate the drone flights? What is the difference between them and a
suicide bomber? The suicide bomber becomes one of the victims himself
and sees his victims up close before killing them. The CIA murderer
bomber sits safely in a room in Nevada or California and pretends he’s
playing a video game, then goes out to dinner while his victims lay
dying. The suicide bomber believes passionately in something called
paradise. The murderer bomber believes passionately in something called
flag and country.

The State Department’s Legal
Advisor justifies the Predator bombings as … yes, “self-defense”. 5 Try
reasoning with that.

These American drone bombings are
of course the height of aggression, the ultimate international crime.
They were used over Iraq as well beginning in the 1990s. In December
2002, shortly before the US invasion in March, the Iraqis finally
managed to shoot one down. This prompted a spokesman for the US Central
Command, which oversees US military operations in the Middle East, to
call it another sign of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s “campaign of
military aggression.” 6

This particular piece of hypocrisy
may have actually been outdone by Secretary of Defense Donald
Rumsfeld’s comment about the US flights and bombings over Iraq during
that period: “It bothers the dickens out of me that US and British
pilots are getting fired at day after day after day, with impunity.” 7

Send me a stamped self-addressed
envelope for a copy of the revised edition of “An arsonist’s guide to
the homes of Pentagon officials”.

When politicians
misbehave. By speaking the truth.

The German president, Horst
Koehler, resigned last week because he said something government
officials are not supposed to say. He said that Germany was fighting in
Afghanistan for economic reasons. No reference to democracy. Nothing
about freedom. Not a word about Good Guys fighting Bad Guys. The word
“terrorism” was not mentioned at all. Neither was “God”. On a trip to
German troops in Afghanistan he had declared that a country such as
Germany, dependent on exports and free trade, must be prepared to use
military force. The country, he said, had to act “to protect our
interests, for example, free trade routes, or to prevent regional
instability which might certainly have a negative effect on our trade,
jobs and earnings”.

“Koehler has said something openly
that has been obvious from the beginning,” said the head of Germany’s
Left Party. “German soldiers are risking life and limb in Afghanistan to
defend the export interests of big economic interests.” 8

Other opposition politicians had
called for Koehler to take back the remarks and accused him of damaging
public acceptance of German military missions abroad. 9

As T.S. Eliot famously observed:
“Humankind can not bear very much reality.”

What is the opposite of
being a conspiracy theorist?

David Remnick, editor of the New
Yorker magazine and former Washington Post reporter, has a new book out,
“The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama”. In the three pages
Remnick devotes to Obama’s 1983-4 employment at Business International
Corporation in New York he makes no mention of the well-known ties
between BIC and the CIA. In 1977, for example, the New York Times
revealed that BIC had provided cover for four CIA employees in various
countries during earlier years of the Cold War; 10BIC also attempted to
penetrate the radical left, including Students for a Democratic Society
(SDS). 11

Did Remnick not think it at all
interesting and worthy of mention that the future president worked for
more than a year with a company that was a CIA asset? Even if the
company and the CIA made no attempt to recruit Obama, which in fact they
may have done? It’s this kind of obvious omission that helps feed the
left’s conspiracy thinking.

Because Remnick has impeccable
establishment credentials the book has been widely reviewed. But none of
the many reviewers has seen fit to mention this omission. And the way
it works of course is that if it’s not mentioned, it didn’t happen. And
if you mention such a thing, you’re a pathetic conspiracy theorist. Like
me, who discussed it in the January edition of this report. 12

Spam, myself and my

As some of you now know, someone
hacked into my website and used my address book to send out emails to
many of the readers of this report. The emails indicated that they had
been sent by me and directed people to a website which sells handbags,
shoes and watches. What bothers me the most about this incident is that
several of my readers believed that it was actually me who had sent out
the emails, that I was peddling handbags, shoes and watches. The only
thing I sell are books. But I think these readers have now learned
something about spam. And hopefully about me.

Oh, by the way, can I interest any
of you in some nice T-shirts, hats, or sunglasses?


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