Israel’s propaganda war


Israel’s ability to shape public opinion regarding
the flotilla massacre is intimately linked to its long-standing campaign
to manipulate global public perceptions of what has been happening in
Palestine all along since Israel’s birth in 1947.

Its policy remains consistent. It is a
successful strategy always focusing on Jewish victimhood. The success is
rooted in a political reality. Where knowledge is limited, and the
desire and means to learn and understand the complex reality or issues
doesn’t exist, public opinion can be manipulated and shaped by whoever
generates the most powerful symbols. The precise truth or falsehood of
this portrayal hardly matters. For most of the world thus far, the
Palestine issue is poorly understood and not a matter of immediate
concern. The manipulators intend to shape the perceptions of a global
public with limited interest in or understanding of the issues, filling
in the blanks with their own narrative. Their use of the media is a
powerful political weapon designed to define perceptions. Using an
amalgam of incidents and images to display, a propaganda war is being
waged to create sympathy.

The moral question has been made

What seems to matter is the ability to identify the
victim as victimizer through obfuscation and confusion thus helping form
global opinion that would lead members of the international community
to adopt political stances advantageous to the opinion managers.

success in establishing its own narrative in the public sphere as the
dominant one is in no small measure due to the excellence of the Jewish
community in the media field. Moving stories made into movies like the
"Exodus" and many others are poignant accounts of Jewish suffering. It
is equally important to recognize the Palestinian/Arab inability to
offer their own narrative in a coherent constructive way

have changed. Because of plethora of technologies now there are
opportunities for many to present alternative ideas and
counternarratives and be heard across this planet…   The ground seems
to be shifting. 

The flotilla incidence has gotten the State of
Israel in a pickle. Though all its faithful propagandists are out in
public arguing that there was nothing wrong with the raid on the ships
carrying aid to Gaza, and the American media are straining every which
way and even very much against their better instincts, to cooperate,
they are not succeeding in making a dent in the public perception. There
remains in the minds of most people across the globe the perception
that things truly shocking and fundamentally unacceptable took place out
there on the high seas.  

Eyewitness accounts have begun to come
back from those arrested on the ships.  With all clarity it is apparent
that the Israeli forces did their best to pre-empt the account of the
story, giving thereby prima facie evidence of careful planning for
exactly what happened. They took care to cut off all communication from
those ships at sea except their own. All cameras, electronic devices
that could hold any pictures or video were confiscated and have not been
returned. That was an accomplishment, as practically everyone on board
had cameras and recording devices. It was only by hiding away a few of
those tiny memory cards that passengers were able to retain any of the
horrifying pictures and video that are now beginning to emerge. Even
now, few people have seen those other than on Internet postings. Our
America media are not publishing them.

Passengers were kept
incommunicado for the period of the first few days during which these
events could be expected to hold the attention of the news cycle.  They
were all initially detained at Ashdod, but quickly transferred to a
special prison that had been prepared for them in advance near
Beersheba, far from anywhere that outside reporters had accesses to.

journalists, now finally beginning to talk, were on the ship, and the
Israelis’ first action was to put a gun to the head of the lead Turkish
organizer of reporting, and kill him instantly. He was one of the five
killed by shots to the head at point blank range. The one 19-year-old
Turk among the killed, Furkan Dogan, who happened to have joint American
citizenship, was shot five times at a range of less than 45
centimeters, once in the face, once in the back of the head, twice in
the leg and once in the back. The main Internet man in the media room
was also shot in the head. The Turkish forensic people who were able to
examine the bodies of the dead once they were finally returned report
that some had been shot as many as thirty times.

All the
passengers were thrown into terrified panic as these events so suddenly
unfolded.  None had expected that the effort to prevent their getting to
Gaza would be so savage and violent.  Even the resistance put up by a
few passengers as the first Israeli paratroopers arrived on deck was
sporadic and unplanned.  The descending soldiers were disarmed. The guns
taken from them were not discharged but were thrown into the sea. The
Israelis who had been overpowered – they had evidently expected no
resistance – were promptly given medical attention by a Turkish doctor
on board, Dr. Hasan Huseyin Uysal, and were turned over to the Israelis
at once as more arrived from the boats. Wounded defenders were dragged
by the Israelis below decks out of sight.  Medical attention was denied
to them for a matter of hours and several of the deaths resulted from
this wanton refusal of treatment.

The terrified passengers were
then confined on land in crowded facilities, refused access to toilets,
many of them beaten and abused. It was demanded of them all that they
sign confessions for entering Israel illegally, but they refused on the
basis that they had had no intention of entering Israel but had been
trying to enter supposedly independent Gaza. They saw themselves as
kidnapped or abducted at sea and brought to Israel against their will. 
Holding them proved such an embarrassment to the Israelis that after a
few days the Turks were allowed to land planes that took them out of the

More details of Israeli excesses are emerging and will
continue. But the question is what is happening subsequently. Zeev
Sternhell’s editorial in the Haaretz newspaper, titled "Time to pay the
bill," sees it as an unprecedented crisis, "the last link in a long
chain of failures and acts of folly," which deprives Israel of the
standing it has so long held as "a responsible and level-headed power."
He cites acts of restraint by Israel in earlier conflicts, but regards
Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Moshe Ya’alon and Avigdor Lieberman as
belonging to a different species of politician, one that cannot be
relied on, with the consequence that the world – even the United States –
will no longer allow Israel to function without supervision and an
effective kind of pressure.  It can no longer be assumed that any action
of Israel is justified by the very fact that Israel has done it. It is
not surprising that Ehud Barak, defense minister and therefore
responsible for the actions of the Israeli military, has apparently had
to cancel a visit to Paris for fear of arrest over this episode.

UN Security Council has deplored "the acts which led to" all this
violence, leaving it a bit up in the air whose violence it was talking
about, but the Obama administration has called the whole siege situation
in Gaza unsustainable and called, in the words of the UN resolution,
for a credible investigation, urging that it be more than an internal
investigation of themselves by the Israeli military.

The Israelis,
though, blandly announce that they will do just that, an internal
investigation that will convince no one who is not already determined to
be convinced… Netanyahu government’s decision to establish the Tirkel
Commission which is supposed to probe the lethal raid on the Gaza
Flotilla is a deliberate attempt to appease the international
condemnation and outrage over the incidence. The commission is required
to function only within the parameters that Netanyahu government has
laid out. The commission is specifically and explicitly excluded from
calling any soldier or officer to testify. It must place a blind trust
in the army’s own investigation of its own doings, which is carried on
secretly and whose pre-selected results will be presented to the
commission. And it is highly unlikely that the commission would hear and
seriously consider the eyewitness testimonies of the boat’s Turkish,
European and American passengers, whom the State of Israel already
branded as "terrorists".

And in that context our President Obama,
as clearly as he evidently sees all this and anxious as he is to have a
proper and credible investigation by others than those who carried out
the raid themselves, is now urged to temper any even implicit criticism
of Israel over it and recite the Israeli propaganda line, with threats
of political consequences if he does not obey. What a fearful new
embarrassment for the United States should he do so, how discrediting
before the entire world that knows better, how disheartening a real
disservice to any good for the Israelis!

Hamas, of course, could
make it very easy for Obama to bow this way before Israeli demands, by
initiating some vengeful act that would further poison the world’s
perception of them and their cause, or even some spate of invective or
inflammatory rhetoric that would adversely color the situation.

president hopefully will unequivocally endorse the demand of the
international community for an independent inquiry. He should not be
blindsided by the propaganda war or internal political pressures.

should be his moral commitment.

– Fr. Raymond G. Helmick, S.J. is
instructor in conflict resolution, Department of Theology, Boston
College and author of Negotiating Outside the Law: Why Camp David Failed
(London, Pluto Press 2004). Dr. Nazir Khaja is a peace activist,
chairman of Islamic Information Service, Los Angeles. Both authors have been members of Middle-East
Peace delegations with Rev. Jesse Jackson and others on a number of
occasions and have met the Palestinian leadership.

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