Tracking the American Epidemic of Mental Illness: Part IV

by Evelyn Pringle / June 22nd, 2010

Non-Profit Advocacy Groups

As a main component of the Psychopharmaceutical Industrial Complex,
the so-called “patient advocacy” organizations have become the leading
force behind the American epidemic of mental illness over the past two

Drug makers, and their foundations, funnel millions of dollars to
these non-profits every year. In return, the leaders recruit their
members as foot soldiers to carry out the latest marketing campaigns
and to provide a fire-wall so that no money trail can be tracked back
to the drug companies.

Gigantic Pyramid

The psychiatric front groups form a gigantic pyramid and once
pharmaceutical money enters the system through a major organization, it
gets channeled into a huge spider-web that weaves through many groups,
making it nearly impossible to keep track of where it came from or
where it all went. Often, when the grant reports of the drug companies
list a large donation to one organization, the annual reports of the
other groups will show smaller gifts from that same organization.

The “charity” groups are exempt from income tax and the
“contributions” funneled through them are tax deductible. The money is
used for disease mongering campaigns to both market disorders and
pressure public health care programs and private insurers to pay for
expensive treatments.

“Presenting themselves as patient advocacy groups is highly
disingenuous not only to their membership, many of which may have a
sincere desire to help a loved one or a family member with mental
problems, but to legislators, the press and the American public — for
they have consistently lobbied for legislation that benefits the mental
health and pharmaceutical industries which fund them, and not patients
they claim to represent,” according to Citizens Commission on Human
Rights International, a mental health watchdog group.                                                                     More………………………..

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