Why Really The USS Liberty Was Attacked by Israel?

June 24, 2010 posted by Michael Leon


By Alan Hart

I want to begin by saying that though I covered wars wherever they
were taking place on Planet Earth in my television reporting days – it
was in Vietnam as a very young correspondent that I first started to ask
myself questions about why things are as they are in the world – I am
an Englishman and one who didn’t serve in his country’s armed forces.
(Not because I was a draft dodger. Conscription had ended). So it is
both an honour and a privilege for me to be with you this evening. And
please believe me, I really mean it. I’m not a politician just saying

We do, of course, have something in common, OUTRAGE that can’t be
expressed adequately in polite words at the continued suppression here
in America of the truth about a war crime – Israel’s attack on the U.S.S
Liberty; an attack which, if it had gone completely according to plan,
would have seen the sinking of the ship with the loss, the murder, of
all hands on board. (Which means that some of you here tonight would not
be here).

In my latest book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, an epic
journey in three volumes through the lies and truth of history as it
relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over
Palestine that became Israel, I have a chapter titled The Liberty
Affair, “Pure Murder” on a “Great Day”. (I’ll source those quoted
comments later).

In that chapter I say the attack ought to have been a sensational,
headline-grabbing news story, but beyond the fact that an “accident” had
happened and that Israel had apologized, it did not get reported by
America’s news organisations. It was too hot an issue for them to handle
and pursue. If it had been an Arab or other Muslim attack on an
American vessel it would have been an entirely different matter, of
course. In that event there would have been saturation coverage with
demands for retaliation including war, with columnists and commentators
who are pro-Israel right or wrong setting the pace and tone.

I know that one of the prices Liberty survivors pay for telling the
truth is vilification by supporters of Israel right or wrong. The
message sent to James Ennes was no doubt typical of many. “You are an
anti-Semitic, Nazi bastard. Drop dead.”


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