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Gilad Atzmon: Islamophobia in Britain: The Products, The Names and The Faces

Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 7:20PM Gilad Atzmon Islamophobia has made it to the market place. In the open and shamelessly offers hundreds of anti Muslim and anti Arab products: T-shirts, caps babysuits etc’.   Yet, make no mistake, Cafepress … Continue reading

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Live Video of Ethnic cleansing in the Israeli Negev (Al-Naqab)

Ethnic cleansing Around 300 Bedouins living in Israel’s?? Negev desert are homeless after Israeli police raided their village & razed their homes. Some 300 people are now homeless following the destruction of the village of Al-Arakib, which has existed since … Continue reading

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Focus U.S.A / Whatever happens, Israel can always count on U.S. evangelicals

Thousands of Christian activists descended on Washington this week in a show of strength by America’s pro-Israel Christians. By Natasha Mozgovaya Thousands of Christians from across the United States descended on Capitol Hill on Thursday in order to lobby Washington … Continue reading

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Wiki-Leaks is Israel

By Gordon Duff Now “Wiki-Leaks” is busy selling phony bin Laden stories, having the long dead Osama humiliating the CIA by running around villages in Afghanistan selling vacuum cleaners. What is our “leak” site really about? This is a dead … Continue reading

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The Closing of the Zionist Mind

Posted on July 30, 2010 by Juan Cole  It finally happened. The Jerusalem Post has declared archeology itself anti-Semitic. To tell you the truth, I am frankly worried about some of my colleagues who are committed Zionists having difficulty in … Continue reading

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Book condoning murder has another rabbi in hot water

By Chaim Levinson – July 29, 2010 Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg. Photo by: Eyal Warshavsky Head of yeshiva in West Bank settlement of Yitzhar detained by police over book permitting murder of non-Jews who threaten Israel. The police’s Unit of International Crime … Continue reading

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Why Muslims Should Rethink Palestine

 By Ramzy Baroud  – July 29, 2010. Thousands of faithful assiduously listened as I outlined the challenges facing Palestine and its people. Cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ – God is Great – occasionally resounded from a corner of the giant South … Continue reading

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