Petraeus promotes civil war in Afghanistan

Statement from Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition

Badly losing the war in Afghanistan, Gen. David Petraeus has decided to promote a violent civil war in Afghan villages.

That is the true intent
of the new so-called Local Defense Initiatives that Petraeus forced
down the throat of Afghanistan’s puppet president Hamid Karzai. The new
plan is a variant of the Community Defense Initiative that Gen. Stanley
McChrystal tried to impose on Afghanistan after Obama selected him to
lead the expanded war effort in 2009.

The Petraeus strategy
calls for putting 10,000 job-hungry Afghan villagers on the Pentagon
payroll. They will be given money and guns so that they can form
militias and shoot and kill other members of their village who are
asserted to be either pro-Taliban or opposed to the U.S./NATO

The new strategy
further underscores the criminal role of the Pentagon generals.
Petraeus is consciously fomenting civil war and ethnic rivalry just as
he did in Iraq. Gen. James Mattis, Petraeus’ new boss at Central
Command, when speaking to a crowd in San Diego in 2005 about his
experience in Afghanistan, said “it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot

President Obama and his
military team recognize that it is less damaging at home, where there
is almost no support for this endless occupation, to foment civil war
in Afghanistan and pay desperate Afghans to slaughter each other as a
means of reducing U.S. casualties.

U.S. taxpayers who are
experiencing devastating cuts in state and local budgets, layoffs of
municipal workers, soaring tuition hikes in public colleges—all because
of budget shortfalls—will see billions of their tax dollars go to fund
the occupation of Afghanistan and pay the salaries of poor Afghans so
that they can shoot other poor Afghans. This is a classic
divide-and-conquer tactic used historically by all colonial powers to
break up a united resistance by the people whose lands they occupy.

The Obama
administration and its generals are borrowing a page from Nixon and
Kissinger’s murderous “Vietnamization” plan, which became the announced
policy in 1969. Since there was a rising tide of anti-war sentiment at
home, Nixon and the Pentagon wanted the Vietnamese to kill each other
in greater numbers as a way of diminishing U.S. war dead.

Millions of Vietnamese
died during the war, as did 58,000 U.S. service members. The U.S.
strategy succeeded in creating an ocean of human suffering, but it
failed to alter the outcome. The Vietnamese, like the Afghan people,
were unwilling to live under foreign occupation.

ANSWER Coalition
organizers and volunteers have in recent months been working around the
country to support the growing numbers of soldiers, marines, veterans
and military families who are speaking out against the war in
Afghanistan. We are reaching more and more active duty service members
and recently returned veterans who know that this colonial-type war is
based on lies by the politicians and the Pentagon Brass. The ANSWER
Coalition affiliate March Forward! is reaching out to soldiers, marines
and veterans.

urge you to support this work by checking out March Forward’s Ten point
program and signing up for email updates at

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