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Strictly Dancing by Gilad Atzmon

Monday, July 19, 2010 at 8:20AM Gilad Atzmon

Some Jews and Israelis seem to be rather jolly lately.

We recently encountered a glimpse of a Jewish family celebrating
their survival of the Holocaust by exploring some different disco
manoeuvres with the landscape of Auschwitz in the background.

I honestly think that nothing is categorically wrong about it. At the
end of the day, Jews found many ways to deal with their past. Dancing
is no doubt preferable to killing in the name of Jewish suffering.

IDF soldiers are also finding the time to dance when they are not murdering in the name of ‘Israeli security’.

In fact, one possible interpretation is that the IDF’s dance routine
was a form of protest against their army and terrorist state. I guess
that we would all prefer Israeli soldiers to dance than kill.
Regardless, if Israelis feel the urge to boogie they better do it in
their own streets.

Yet,  Kosher Bollywood may be the way forward for the contemporary Jewish dancer


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Community Ramadan football tournament to take place in Gaza

Friday, July 16, 2010 at 8:28PM Gilad Atzmon

What: A community football tournament at the Unity Youth Field in the Yebna neighborhood of Rafah, Gaza.

Why: Cut off from the world by a brutal siege the
people of the Gaza strip live with hunger, massive unemployment and
frequent attacks by the Israeli army. Extreme vulnerability and
insecurity, coupled with bleak prospects for the future, feed
hopelessness and rage with the youth being particularly vulnerable. This
innovative, community-developed football tournament gives neighbors a
chance to strengthen bonds and relieve the stress caused by the dire

When: The month of Ramadan, the 11th of August through the 9th of September.

Fundraiser Target: $10,000 U.S.

Fundraiser Ends: August 15th


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Gilad Atzmon: British Jews Support Israeli War Crimes 

Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 10:41PM Gilad Atzmon

Jewish community in Britain seems to be over the moon. A survey that
was published a few days ago suggests that British Jews are nothing but 
‘peace lovers’. The Guardian was also quick to report that  77% of “British Jews favour a ‘two-state solution’ in Israel”.

In practice, this actually means that at least 77% of British Jews
believe that millions of dispossessed Palestinians should continue to
dwell in refugee camps and never be allowed to their  homes, cities, and
villages. I am actually far from impressed with British Jewry’s
inclination towards peace. 

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Give History a Chance by Gilad Atzmon

Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 2:26PM Gilad Atzmon

A talk given at the "Debunking the War on Terror" Symposium on July 14th

The War on Terror Within

1 The more pain we inflict on others the more we become familiar with evil, aggression and brutality. 

1.1  The more cruel we are towards others, the more devastated we are
by the possibility that  the subjects of our brutality may also be as
nasty as we happen to be.

1.2   According to Freud this is what projection is all about.

1.2.1 Otto Weininger refines it, ‘we hate in others, that which we don’t like in ourselves’ he says.

1.3  As it happens, the dynamic of projection is amplified once the subject of our terror is hopeless and defenseless.

1.3.1 The reason is obvious. The more hopeless the subject of our
terror is, the more we are inclined to face our relentless viciousness
first hand.

2      Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is a devastating example
of the above. The more hopeless and defenseless the Palestinians are,
the more vicious the Israeli becomes.

2.1   And yet, the more vicious the Israeli is, the more he or she is horrified by ‘terror’.

3      In reality, the Israelis are actually horrified by their own cruelty which they project onto others.

4      The recent cold-blooded murder of 11 peace activists in the
high seas by Israeli Navy commandos was nothing but a shocking exposure
of that lethal dynamic. The more ethically transparent, innocent and
harmless the humanitarian mission to Gaza is, the more lethal the
Israeli becomes.


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Each village is a reminder by Brian Lenzo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 3:25PM Gilad Atzmon

After his Rochester performance, Atzmon sat down with Brian Lenzo to discuss music, politics and his thoughts on the future of peace in the region.

The Palestinian refugee community of Shu’afat sits behind Israel’s separation wall, cut off from other Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem (Jeremy Price)

YOU GREW up in Israel, right when the Palestinian
National movement had come on to the scene. Were you aware of it? What
was it like growing up in Israel at that time?

THIS IS a very interesting question. When you read what
Jews have written about their suffering, the philosophers and
historians, they always talk about the magmatic effect of
irrational hatred. About the Germans: "It was madness." Now the
Turkish: ‘They are mad!" And the Palestinians. We asked, "Why do they
want to come here? There are so many Arab places to go?"

As kids, we thought, "Everybody is mad!" The mentality
was–and still is–us versus them. The Jewish world is divided into a
binary opposition of us and them. This was my vision of the

We were shocked to wake up in the morning and find out there
was a ‘terror’ attack, then another terror attack. It took me years to
understand that these were people who were fighting for their
land–land that belongs to them and them alone.

It took me some time before I realized that the Qassam rockets are a love letter from the Palestinian’s
stolen land. The Palestinian movement is a poetic movement. And it’s
through the poets that they will be able not just to liberate their
land, but to liberate all of us.

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Gilad Atzmon discusses Tolerance, History and Revisionism on Aspen GrassRoots TV

Monday, July 12, 2010 at 10:08AM Gilad Atzmon

set of six video clips covers an almost taboo controversy to do with
freedom of speech.  In the discussion,  I stress the ethical and logical
need for history to be open to revision.

Participants, left to
right:  Gilad Atzmon  —  Harvie Branscome (Moderator) — Steve Kaufman
(founder director of Access Roaring Fork ( ) —
Michael Conniff of KUUR-FM Aspen, Colorado

Please note:  The
original program was just under one hour, and has been edited into six
parts, and a few pauses, repetitions and hesitations have been removed. 
The editing has not in any way changed the sense of what any of the
speakers said, and the original program can be viewed here:

A special thanks to Anthony Lawson for editing the program  and posting it.









CNN editor fired after tweeting ‘respect for Hezbollah giant’

Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 8:55PM Gilad Atzmon

Nasr, a 20-year CNN veteran based in Atlanta, wrote on Twitter that she
respected the Grand Ayatollah Mohaamed Hussein Fadlallah, who died in
Beirut on Sunday.

CNN has fired a senior editor for Middle East
news after she published a Twitter message that said she respected a
Lebanese Shi’ite cleric branded a terrorist by the United States, U.S.
and British media said on Thursday.

The Grand Ayatollah Mohammed
Hussein Fadlallah, one of Shi’ite Islam’s highest religious authorities
and an early mentor of the militant group Hezbollah, died in Beirut on

Octavia Nasr, a 20-year CNN veteran based in Atlanta,
wrote on Twitter: "Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein
Fadlallah … One of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot," the New York
Times reported.

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Two State Hypocrisy by Daniel McGowan

Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 4:33PM Gilad Atzmon

Palestine (or Israel within the borders it now controls including
pre-1967 Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights) is one
country with one water system, one electrical grid, one powerful
military to defend and define its external borders, one monetary system,
one telephone system, and one postal system.  It is already one state,
although half the population has lesser rights or none at all.

current argument for creating two states is simply another attempt to
carve out a Jewish state, called Israel, where Jews have by law superior
rights to non-Jews.  It involves ethnic cleansing, segregation, and
racism; it is definitely not a formula for lasting peace.
support of a racist, apartheid state is contrary to what we Americans
profess to believe.  Yet we overwhelmingly endorse the idea of a Jewish
state and ignore the basic human rights of half the population that is
not “chosen.”

Americans claim to endorse equal rights of
citizenship everywhere in the world, except Israel.  We do so both out
of conviction and out of fear of being smeared with the anti-Semitic tar
brush.  We are loath to even discuss Jewish power that compels us to
deny self determination and equal rights for Palestinians.

government supports the ghettoization of Gaza and other Palestinian
enclaves; it ignores Israeli concentration camps like Ketziot; it
supports the building of illegal settlements in occupied territory; it
turns a blind eye to nuclear proliferation by Israel; it defends a
Jewish attack on an unarmed humanitarian flotilla, and it sends our
military to fight wars demanded by Israel.

It is time for all
Americans to support the de facto One State of Israel/Palestine and to
demand that it treat all of its inhabitants as citizens with equal
rights, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Daniel McGowan
Professor Emeritus


The lies about Hamas rockets

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 3:18PM Gilad Atzmon

I honestly think that the so called ‘Jewish Christian Alliance’ is about to backfire…


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