Live Video of Ethnic cleansing in the Israeli Negev (Al-Naqab)

Ethnic cleansing

Around 300 Bedouins living in Israel’s?? Negev desert are homeless
after Israeli police raided their village & razed their homes.

Some 300 people are now homeless following the destruction of the
village of Al-Arakib, which has existed since before Israel was founded
in 1948.

The UK’s Guardian newspaper has now published a harrowing video of
the demolition. The tape shows Israeli police in riot gear scuffling
with unarmed villagers while government bulldozers move in to knock down
their houses and agricultural buildings.

Also in the clip, one Bedouin man looks on, lamenting what he calls “a bad government, a bad country, and a bad police.”

The Bedouin of the Negev (Naqab in Arabic) are full Israeli citizens,
but some 76,000 of them live in “unrecognized villages” that receive
virtually no government services including water, electricity, and

The Guardian titled the video “Ethnic cleansing in the Israeli
Negev,” as the Bedouin are ethnically Arab and Arabic speaking. Under
Israeli development polices, wealthy Jewish towns have been founded in
the same areas of the Negev where the Bedouin face desperate conditions.

Source: The Guardian

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