Steve Amsel

August 1, 2010

One question…. Are the ‘Rights’ claimed by the zionists justified, or are they Wrongs?

According to the zionist press, one psycho journalist in particular (Caroline Glick) they are justified…

She claimed over the weekend that
"Zionism after all is the national liberation movement of the Jewish
people. To say that Jews – uniquely among all the nations – have no
right to freedom and self-determination is obviously anti-Semitic".

One commenter to my POST hit the nail right on the head when he wrote…

Ms Glick’s stating: ‘Zionism after all is the national liberation
movement of the Jewish people. To say that Jews – uniquely among all
the nations – have no right to freedom and self-determination is
obviously anti-Semitic.’

off, this infers that Jews cannot be ‘free’, nor enjoy ‘self
determination’ in countries other than Israel, which judging by their
great success and pre-eminence in the US and in many other countries
wherein they reside, is near to nonsense.

to Zionism’s notion of the Jewish State is the claim that Israel
belongs, and is home to, ALL Jews worldwide, no matter where they
reside and regardless their citizen status elsewhere.

No other modern nation state is comprised on grounds of such specific ethnocentrism.

does not ‘belong’ to just those who are ethnically French; Norway
doesn’t claim to be home to, nor automatically grant citizen status to
ALL Norwegians.

is a neat trick however, as it automatically consigns dual nationality
to Jews everywhere, simultaneously enabling and obligating them to
support and defend the Jewish State, even to those Jews who have
disagreement with Israeli policy and have no desire to live there.

conference of a unique status by Zionism to diaspora Jews, and
particularly to American Jews who lobby for American military and
financial support of Israel regardless of its policies or its conduct
towards its non Jewish citizens is that which conflates anti-Zionism
with anti-Semitism.

{and Ms Glick} want it both ways, burdening all Jews with a moral
obligation to defend, identify with, advocate for, and offer material
support to the Jewish State; while simultaneously abrogating any
responsibility to Jews for Israeli excess.

advice is that Ms Glick should be quite cautious in making categorical
statements equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism … because we are
very near to the point where she will become correct … wherein the
moral obligation to oppose Zionism will justify a rational suspicion of
and a general antipathy toward Jews everywhere.

God that many Jews are now beginning to wake to the realization that
what Zionism now comprises is inherently wrong and does not represent
them, and that what Israel does is not done in their names.

is, in the {ever more likely} event of a world calamity provoked by an
Israeli action, will the world be any more discriminating than Ms
Glick, when assigning the blame?

was attitudes like Glick’s that allowed the zionists to establish
their ‘Jewish Homeland’ after WW2. They established it on a land which
they stole from the Palestinian people. They claimed this was their
‘right’… it was their first WRONG.

world allowed this to happen for the simple reason that no one wanted
to take in the refugees that remained after the holocaust.
Anti-Semitism was rampant in the States at the time, equating
‘Jewishness’ with Communism. Canada at least was honest enough to make
their position public…  In early 1945, an unidentified immigration
agent was asked how many Jews would be allowed in Canada after the war.
He replied "None is too many". This is dealt with in a book with that
very title.
So, the reality is that it was anti-Semitism itself that created the
state of Israel, not sympathy for the ‘Jewish National Liberation

was the hope of the early zionists that Jews would come flocking to
the new ‘paradise’… a hope that was never fulfilled because the
diaspora Jew for the most part was living a damned good life. Why would
he give that up to toil the land in a barren desert? The least he could
do would be to contribute tax deductible funds to help ‘make the desert bloom’.

was faced with one major problem from the start…. how to deal with the
actual people living in ’a land without a people for a people without a
land’. EXPULSION was the answer. Millions of Palestinians were
forcibly removed from their ancestral homeland…. under the watchful eyes
of the West that created this monster. Those that remained were
literally rounded up like cattle and kept separate from the new Jewish

wonder why ‘the only Democracy in the Middle East’ never created a
Constitution or a Bill of Rights for themselves? How could they? Those
Palestinians that live in Israel with full citizenship would be covered
by that very Constitution…. It would serve no useful purpose for the
zionists to guarantee Rights to its citizens…. that is another WRONG.

However, the government of Israel created a Law of Return
to encourage more diaspora Jews to move there…. still to no avail. In a
move of desperation they launched a movement  to get the Soviet Union
‘Save Soviet Jewry’
a movement led, for the most part, by extremists connected with
Kahane. This too was a failed plan as most of the Jews that were
eventually allowed to leave the Soviet Union moved to Germany or the
United States. Others, mostly non Jews claiming otherwise, did move to
Israel. These elements are, for a large part, responsible for the
extreme right positions taken by the present Israeli government, led by
one of their very own, Lieberman.

The Palestinians that were expelled or forced to flee do not have the Right of Return…. this is another WRONG.

only do LIVING Palestinians not have that Right of Return, DEAD Jews
from the diaspora have the Right to be brought here for burial in the
Mt. of Olives Cemetery while Palestinians are not even permitted to remain in their graves because their cemetery stands in the way of a new zionist museum…. this is also a WRONG.

do not even have the Right to present their case to the world. The
Western press is for the most part, controlled by zionists or their
supporters. The Western governments have their hands tied by a powerful
zionist lobby. Palestinian journalists are constantly harassed or
murdered to keep the truth from getting out… these too are all WRONGS.

BUT…. be assured that the truth WILL get out one day and it WILL SET PALESTINE FREE.

Also read my PREVIOUS POST to see some more of the ongoing WRONGS in the name of Rights.

So keep whining Glick…. every time you open your stupid mouth our side scores BIG!

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