‘Not enough evidence to convict suspected Jewish terrorist Pearlman’

Court demands that police conclude in two days investigation of Chaim Pearlman, suspected of having killed four Palestinians.

Chaim Levinson

Petah Tikva judge on Monday refused a police request to extend by eight
days the remand of Chaim Pearlman, a settler suspected of having
murdered four Palestinians and wounded several more, on the grounds
that "I haven’t seen any substantial evidence that could serve to
convict Pearlman."

Chaim Pearlman in court Wednesday.

a 29-year-old resident of Givat Washington and father of three, was
arrested on suspicion of having committed a string of stabbings in the
1990s. Weapons charges have also been filed against him.Judge
Nachum Sternlicht of the Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court extended the
suspect’s remand by only two days, saying that "Most of the planned
investigation can be carried out today and tomorrow. In fact I don’t
understand why they haven’t been down until now."

went on to say that though the suspicions against Pearlman were
serious, they were no more than suspicions and that the time Pearlman
has already spent in custody should be kept in mind. Pearlman was
arrested nearly a month ago.

associates said at his previous remand extension hearing that "no
progress has been made in the investigation since the arrest. The Shin
Bet security service is insisting on holding him for no reason."

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