Nothing wrong being a ‘radical Muslim’

Posted on April 2, 2009 by rehmat1

“The global war on terror cannot be won through counterterrorism
alone…The immediate war goal must be to destroy militant Islam and the
ultimate war goal the modernization of Islam,” – Dr. Daniel Pipes, the
famous anti-Islam Jewish expert on Islam, writing in The Jerusalem
Post, April 6, 2004.

The term “radical” has been applied to many people, who were
considered threat to western colonization, such as Nelson Mandela, Rev.
Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, Sayyid Qutb, Dr. Ali Shari’ati (the
Shia Qutb), Sayyid Maududi, Imam Khomeini, and others. However, now
this term is being associated with any Muslim who dare to criticize
foreign powers occupying tradionally Muslim lands espectially the
Zionist regime in Jewish occupied Palestine. The western historians
never called Nazis as “Judeo-Christian radicals” or IRA as “Catholic
radicals” or the Jewish terrorist groups which killed tens of thousands
of Palestinian natives – as “Jew radicals”.

Historically, many of Biblical prophets were “radicals” for
challenging the status quo and taught against the corrupt and racist
ruling classes – such as Abraham, Lot, Moses, Jesus – and of course the
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who became “the living example of progressive,
emancipatory radicalism,” – as decribed by Michael Hart in his book,
‘The 100″.

The western governments, Jewish lobby groups and Christian Zionist
organizations are investing hundreds of millions dollars each year to
find and project the so-called “moderate Muslims”; fund Islamophobe intellectuals and
dozens of anti-Islam think tanks (Rand, Ford Foundation, Asia
Foundation, etc.), and the Jewish-controlled mass-media of course.
Interestingly, to be a “moderate Muslim” too, has some limitations.

For example, Dr. Tariq Ramadan 46, found
it the hard way in 2004 when he was declared as threat to “the US
security” for criticizing his fellow Jewish ‘liberal intellectuals’,
Dr. Bernard Lewis, Dr. Bernard-Henry Levy, Dr. Daniel Pipes, and Dr.
Bernard Kouchner – for defending Israel, right or wrong. The
Geneva-born Tariq is the maternal grandson of the founder of Egypt’s
Muslim Brotherhood, Imam Hasan al-Bana (martyred in 1948). The
“moderate Muslim” was on his way to take-up his teaching appointment at
the University of Notre Dam (Indiana), begining August 25, 2004. Tariq
Ramadan used to be a darling of Jewish media for saying: “The 7th
century Medina model of Islamic State is not only a dream. It is a
lie.” Tariq also consider Shari’ah’s capital punishments as “inhumane”!
Tariq’s other distorted views of Islam can be read in the interview he gave to Rosemary Bechler, Open Democracy, July 14, 2004.

Dr. Tariq Ramadan also maintained a distance from his elder brother,
Hani Ramadan, a French school teacher, who is known for his so-called
“radical” Islamic views. Hani wrote an article in the major French
newspaper, Le Monde, to explain why Islam has such a zero
tolerance for adultery and that it followed the Jewish biblical
punishments of stoning to death a woman found guilty of committing
adultery, for which Hani was suspended for teaching in the school.

Islam clearly prohibits a ‘pre-planned’ violence against civilians
and acts of terror. However, terrorism and radicalism are two
completely different things. It all depends who is using these terms.
For the foreign occupiers of Muslim lands – all resistance to their
occupation is considered as terrorism. Similarly, every Muslim who is
proud to be following the Islamic Shari’ah (which doesn’t divide Islam
into two independent spheres, one for the mosque and the other for the
State – as is the case in Judaism and Christianity), is labeled as a
“radical” or “terrorist” or “Jihadi”.

Islam is the religion of “the middle way” – “Thus have We made you
an Ummah of the middle way, that ye might be witness over the nations,
and the Messenger a witness over yourself,” – Holy Qur’an 2:143.
However, Islamic message do challenges the institutionalized
injustices, inhumanity, immorality, greed, and other evils in the world
by establishing a new social order built on bonds of ethics, justice
and trust. Islam rejects all forms of racism, caste system, all forms
of oppression, usury, abuse of laws for the ‘chosen ones’ and
dehumanization of man on the basis of colour, nationality and religion.
All these principles are considered “radical”, especially in the
societies controlled by the Zionist-controlled-governments (ZOG).

So, in conclusion, the next time some jerk call you “a radical Muslim”; don’t apologize, be proud.

There can never be peace in the world without justice. Everyone,
including Muslims, need justice. But justice cannot be achieved without
effort, both intellectual and physical. It involves challenging the
power of the corrupt and greedy world elites, who do see Islam as a
“radical” threat to their political, economic and cultural domination.

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