Palestinian toddler killed by tear gas in East Jerusalem

JERUSALEM – A Palestinian toddler
was reported dead late Friday after Israeli forces fired tear gas amid
clashes in a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

Medics said 14-month-old Muhammed Abu Sneneh suffocated after the gas was fired at residents and their houses in Al-Isawiya.

Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said he had not
received any reports of injuries and that police were using minimum
force to respond to incidents in Al-Isawiya, Silwan and Ras Al-Amoud.

Clashes in the occupied city have been ongoing since
Wednesday, when a settler security guard shot dead two Palestinians in

The wife of 28-year-old Samer Sarhan, one of the
Palestinians killed on Wednesday, was transferred to hospital on Friday
night after inhaling tear gas, medics said. On Thursday, locals
reported that Israeli forces fired tear-gas at Sarhan’s home in Silwan,
sparking further clashes.

At Sarhan’s funeral on Wednesday, attended by over 1,000
mourners, violent clashes occurred and Israeli border guards fired tear
gas canisters and rubber-coated steel bullets at the funeral procession.

Officials estimated that 3,000 Israeli police and border
guards were deployed across East Jerusalem on Friday, as the city
remained on a state of alert.

Checkpoints were installed at the entrances to several
neighborhoods, sparking clashes as residents fought with Israeli forces
in several areas, including Al-Isawiya and the Shu’fat refugee camp,
where restrictions prevented any movement in and out of the area.


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