Off The Net: 11 Steps To Create World Class Terrorists


By Raja G Mujtaba

Everything we are told is that terrorism is caused by “extremists,” we read it in papers, hear it on the news, see it in movies,” but more often than not, this is simply false, unforgiveably false.
What we are learning, more and more each day, is that the majority of terrorist acts are done for other reasons, done by governments we trust, planned by men we are told are honorable and decent.
Children are blown up, subway trains or busses are destroyed, airliners crashed.  We are, as a people, enraged and march against an enemy, the enemy that those ‘honorable men” point us at, little knowing the same ‘honourable men” are the terrorist masterminds themselves.

Floating on the net, I found a paper by Tim Coles, “How to create your very own terrorist state.”This made me think and ponder as to how low the countries can stoop to make their footholds in other territories. This also reminded me of a book, ‘Pawns in the game,’ by William Guy Carr written in 1958. This is a very prophetic book with strong historical evidence. Here the author has gone into minute details to narrate the game of Zionists and Rothschilds who are dominating the world events.
Before going any further, I called Hamid Rajput, my friend and read out to him the 11 steps, he was amazed and went thinking how the world is being manipulated.
In his book, William states that two revolutions and two world wars have taken place. Now there would be a third revolution and third World War that would be against Islam for which now the groupings are taking place that is evident to any follower of the events. Here he also stated that Soviet Union would collapse after 72 years of its creation; this we all have witnessed happening.
Below is an extract from William’s book that explains how the war was manipulated by justifying the acts. If one studies this paragraph carefully, the whole strategy to develop a war and prepare the public mind is spelt out here. The same strategy has been deployed to mastermind and deploy the 9/11 operations.
“On the other hand, if the Western internationalists become convinced that an attack is to be made upon them by the Communist dictators, then they will force the western democracies into another World War in order that they may get in the first blow. As a prelude to their attack the public will be made aware of the dangers of international Communism. The danger to Christian democracy will be emphasized. The atheistic-materialists, who have the western world in economic bondage, will call for a Christian Crusade. They will justify their atomic attacks upon Russia and China as Churchill justified his attack on Germany. They will say it was necessary to save our civilization. But don’t lets fool ourselves. Regardless of how the case may be presented to the public the fact will remain that if World War Three is allowed to take place it will be fought to decide whether Eastern Communism takes over the entire world or whether the Western capitalists will continue to rule the international roost.”

Now if studied in conjunction with the quote from ‘Pawns in the Game’ mentioned above, this development falls like a text book drill in line with what William Guy Carr has said.
The development of pre and post 9/11 scenario is within these quotes mentioned above. Same methodology and philosophy has been applied to prepare the public mind so that Muslims are taken as evil doers. Where the author says ‘dangers of international communism,’ substitute it with ‘dangers of Islam,’ the rest falls in line. Rest of the words from this quote are the same rhetoric that the world has been listening from Bush, Blair and Company who blew it loud wherever they went.
Having defeated the ‘Eastern Communism’ in Afghanistan, the next threat was shifted to Islam and the Islamists, the only ideology that stands in the way of the Western Capitalists. Islam was labeled as fascist, a faith of the stone age and desert dwellers. Bush, addressing the State of the Union, went on to say that it’s a crusade against Islam, these cave dwellers don’t like the freedom, values and civilization of the free world hence they are out to attack and destroy the West.
First and foremost those countries that were on the thresh hold of nuclear capabilities or that opposed the American expansion and Israeli designs were selected as the immediate targets. An axis of evil was announced that comprised of four Muslim countries and North Korea. The inclusion of North Korea was symbolic but given a colour of reality to distract the public mind that this development was not Islam specific or anti Islam.
Going back to the pre 9/11 plot of the game, a full media war was developed against Osama bin Ladin and his associates, who were to begin with all allies of America to fight Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Attacks on US installations in Kenya and Tanzania were staged, a naval ship USS Cole was attacked in Yemen port. These acts convinced the American public that Muslims were their enemies. Keeping this as the basis, Bill Clinton ordered missile attack on Afghanistan to take out Osama but in reality, it was never intended to do so. Had Osama been taken out, the game would have ended without any real dividends to the Zionists and their puppets the US and the UK.
Now the elections of 2000 had approached, the change that was to take place in the White House had necessitated a lull for the new incumbent to take office. But the war in the media progressed as planned, it provided a strong reason for Mr. Bush to announce a war that was immediately given the certificate of justification by Tony Blair and the contemporaries in Italy, Canada and Australia. It was also moved in the Security Council and the approval was obtained to massacre an ill equipped living in rags and tags Muslim country, Afghanistan that as later proved had nothing to do with 9/11.

To move forward in attacking Islam and it’s followers, it was necessary to stage a mega event to win the world support and the American public mind to wage a war against Muslim countries. The World Trade Center was attacked through electronically hijacked planes and within minutes Pentagon was also hit said to be by a Hawk missile, this set the ball rolling. The media, world over got busy accusing Osama, the Muslim faith, Muslims in general were declared as the enemies of the West. Tony Blair set out on world tour as ambassador of George W Bush to align the governments for an attack on Afghanistan. Pakistan was brought in line through threats to be reduced to stone-age if it did not cooperate.
Why Afghanistan was selected as the first target had some very obvious reasons. During the Soviet occupation, Muslim fighters from world over brought here to fight the Soviets thus they became the first targets of American wrath. They were hunted, hounded, captured, killed and tortured. Some six hundred were shifted to Guantanamo Bay where they were kept in most inhuman conditions. Many of them were released without any trial not before they had either developed strong hatred for the West or had agreed to work for them; in both the situations it suited the Zionist Masters and the American Junta lead by Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.   One such character to be released was Baitullah Masud who launched himself in Pakistan to carry out terrorist activities in FATA region and in Frontier Province.
Pakistan Army’s operation in FATA is a classic operation that put the American and NATO commanders into a spin. Americans were of the view that Pakistan Army’s engagement in FATA would reduce it to a non entity whereby the US would be able to take out the nukes from Pakistan. Today Pakistan Army has come out stronger and earned respect from the citizens of the country.
Detainees from Guantanamo were released in some selected countries where they were expected to team up and work against the host countries by hitting the American installations there. Such acts were to provide more solid excuse for the Americans to target and hit those countries to bring them in their fold. After Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan now the next target is Yemen.
Afghanistan was also selected for its geo-centric location within the Muslim world. From Afghanistan, Pakistan, a declared nuclear Muslim state and Iran a threat to Zionist Israel could both be easily handled. Also the hydrocarbon deposits of Central Asia could be controlled and denied to other rivals and potential threats.
Now after this narrative, the 11 steps mentioned by Tim Coles would be easier to understand. The steps have been listed below for the benefit of the readers to understand.


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