Israeli forces brutally batter 7-year-old Palestinian child

Palestinian Information Center

November 25, 2010

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)— Israeli policemen severely battered a Jerusalemite child in Silwan, occupied Jerusalem, on Wednesday night breaking both his arm and leg, his father said.

Mansour Al-Resheq told the Quds media center in the Shaari Tzedek hospital that policemen chased his 7-year-old child Adam and savagely beat him then dragged him on the ground before leaving him in the street bleeding.

For his part, Fakhri Abu Diab, the head of the committee in defense of Silwan land, said that the child was suffering from several fractures and that the doctors were still checking his condition, noting that Adam was still screaming of pain, which pointed to more fractures other than those in the arm and leg.

He denounced the “savage act” on the part of the occupation forces, adding that he could not assimilate the idea of heavily armed soldiers chasing then beating a helpless child and dragging him on the ground.


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