Israel is in it’s full glory today because of the latest Wikileaks ‘leaks’. As was said in a previous postHad WikiLeaks didn’t exist, Israel would have had to invent it. It appears that in reality, it was.

Even the Palestinian Authority, Israel’s puppet, has it’s strings tangled over the latest accusations… Cable among hundreds of thousands revealed by WikiLeaks says that Israel tried to coordinate Operation Cast Lead with Fatah and Egypt. A full report from HaAretz can be read here…. Palestinians: Gaza war claim exposed by WikiLeaks is untrue

Israel’s rejoicing in the matter can be seen in a number of articles from the Israeli press…

Bottom line is…. not a single criticism of Israel appears anywhere in this latest dump; an impossibility in the wake of the lethal Israeli attack on the aid flotilla last May! Makes one question the validity of the ‘leaks’.


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