The Case Against Wikileaks

by Lila Rajiva / December 18th, 2010

In “The Case Against Wikileaks – I,” I recapped the main problems I’ve had with media phenomenon Wikileaks and its co-founder, chief editor, and public face, Julian Assange.

I identified the problems as follows:

  • Wikileaks’ content – for tending to simply confirm what most experts have already suspected and directing most of its damaging revelations toward the US and the Islamic world, but not toward Israel
  • WL’s objectives – for demanding full transparency from even private outfits, and encouraging hacking to achieve it
  • WL’s modus operandi – for being megalomaniac, sensationalistic, unilateral, and ( in a most hypocritical way) secretive
  • WL’s strategy – for catering to the Zionist line on 9-11 and employing mainstream/establishment platforms that further Zionist goals
  • Assange’s theories – for pseudo-libertarian posturing, betrayed by the authoritarian tendencies of JA’s life and work

But, first, let me play devil’s advocate. All these problems with Wikileaks might have a perfectly reasonable explanation.

  • The documents released so far might just be a preview of coming attractions; Assange might be holding back the really big stuff.
  • The media blitz might signal marketing skill, not a sell-out.
  • The deference to Zionist sensibilities might be a tactful acknowledgment of power, not servility to it.
  • The philosophical contradictions could arise from complexity and growth, not deception.

OK. Let’s say that’s the case. So what? Does that put Julian Assange in the clear?

Unfortunately, no. Even if you accept the most benign explanation for every issue I’ve raised so far, Wikileaks still poses problems.

Problem one. Where did WL get so many documents so quickly and how did they vet it so fast with their small volunteer staff?

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