Martyr Islam Bekir’s mother, wants to see Al-Adly hung in Tahrir

Islam Bekir

By: Hoda Omran

As mother’s day approaches, Islam’s mother speaks to MSN Arabia about the son she gave for the Egyptian revolution. She mentions an incident that drove her son to frustration since December 2010 and delivers him a mom to son special message.
1) What was your last contact with him?
2) How did he pass away? And how did you know?

“Mum, tell dad that he gave birth to a real man”, Mrs. Aisha did not realize when her son, Islam, phoned her at 1:00 am on the 29th of January from the land line of a hotel in Tahrir, that this would be the last time to hear his voice, and few hours later she would receive her boy drenched in his blood with five live bullets taking away his soul: one in the head, two in the back and two on his sides.
22 year old Islam, a graduate of the Faculty of Arts majoring in European Cultures had humble dreams that made him go and try capturing them in Tahrir. Going to a college that develops his linguistic abilities learning Greek and ItalianIslam believed the numerous employers’ promises that a third language can pave his road to a successful job.
3) How did you raise up your kid?
Islam is the youngest of four kids; HindSameh and Hossam. He was raised up normally among his brothers and sister, yet he had always been a significantly ambitious kid. Full of independence, Islam preferred doing things on his own and was passionate about his study at college. On a personal level, he was an energetic and outgoing young man who seized many opportunities to spend vacations across various spots of the country whenever he got to save some pocket money.
4) Did he show any political interests?
Proactive youth like Islam are likely to have some political interests before 25 Jan. Political interests should not necessarily mean joining a political party or being an activist, but at least reading the newspapers and being aware about what was happening in the political arena. Before I complete the sentence Islam’s mother interrupted: “Never. He never discussed politics or even paid attention to what was going on in the political life neither in Egypt nor worldwide. My son just wanted to live, have a job and get married to his fiancée.”

5) Was there any specific incident that caused your son significant frustration?

“Before 25th of Jan, a major incident took place with Islam that left him frustrated and I could see the sparkle of energy and hope in his eyes faded away. After graduating and submitting his resume at a large number of tourism offices, an airline company called him for the vacancy of an airhost. Full of hope and enthusiasm for his dream job, he got prepared for that exam and he passed with a high score. However, another candidate who achieved a lower score took the job as he was able to pay a bribe that favored him over my son. Since then, Islam found a job as a salesperson at one of the Hypermarkets, and I felt his ambition was growing fainter”
6) How did he get prepared before the revolution?
“It was not planned at all. He did not even tell me he was going to Tahrir, and I was not aware that something serious was taking place at that time. I thought he was going to work, but by the end of that day, 25th of Jan, he came home at night wounded by some rubber bullets in his legs, but he was not suffering and was so excited about what he saw during these protests. Couple of days later, and when he heard it was getting serious on 28th of Jan, he went to Tahrir, and called us late at 1:00 am the next day, and then he came home -body without a soul.”
7) How can you get your son’s right back?
With a loud voice and running tears she cries “Habib Al-Adly shall die. The fire burning my heart for my kid will never be cured unless I see Al-Adly hung in Tahrir and I tear each part of his flesh to death. Not only me, but every mother lost her son. Any person was involved in the murder of the protestors or even the frustration the Egyptian people should be put to trial, and for those outstanding brave youth who grew the seeds martyrs have planted, thank you for proving to the world that their taken life was not in vain”
8) How do you want your son to be remembered?
I don’t want something specific because I know my son will never be forgotten. They will make the street here by his name, I also knew people are planning for an Arch of Triumph in Tahrircarving the names of all martyrs there as well, and I wish all those promises to happen. But most importantly, I want Islam to live in the heart of each Egyptian because he is now dead for the others to live.
9) What do you want to say to other mothers?
What shall I say? I cannot put my feelings into words. I know the devastating pain we are all going through, but it is God’s will and we shall not object. Let’s pray and wait for the day our sons the great martyrs and heroes pave us the road to heaven.
10) Tell a message to Islam, from mother to son
She stays silent for a while and tears fill her eyes and hold her shaking voice again: “I miss you… I lost you and I just don’t know how I shall get you back. It is my lifetime disaster. Mother’s Day is approaching, and each year you used to come kiss my hand and hold me in your arms, but now you are gone. I am holding on because you are a young brave, you and all those youth achieved what no one would ever think you could!


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