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Report: FBI In Expanded Aipac Probe

Surveys Shine Critical Light On Jerusalem, Pro-Israel Lobby Nathan Guttman | Fri. Oct 27, 2006 An explosive new report claims that the federal investigation into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the pro-Israel lobbying organization, has been expanded to include … Continue reading

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Just Another Mother Murdered

Alison Weir Counter Punch October 6, 2006 Almost no one bothered to report it. A search of the nation’s largest newspapers turned up nothing in USA Today, the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Chicago Sun-Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle … Continue reading

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صيد الخاطر

فصل أهمية الزمن ينبغي للإنسان أن يعرف شرف زمانه وقدر وقته فلا يضيع منه لحظة في غير قربة‏.‏ ويقدم الأفضل فالأفضل من القول والعمل‏.‏ ولتكن نيته في الخير قائمة من غير فتور بما لا يعجز عنه البدن من العمل كما … Continue reading

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Shame on Us All

History should record October 17, 2006, as the reverse of July 4, 1776. By Robert Parry October 18, 2006 From the noble American ideal of each human being possessing  “unalienable rights” as declared by the Founders 230 years ago amid … Continue reading

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The Struggle for Palestine’s Soul

Gaza Clashes By JONATHAN COOK Counterpunch October 6, 2006 The message delivered to Condoleezza Rice this week by Israeli officials is that the humanitarian and economic disaster befalling Gaza has a single, reversible cause: the capture by Palestinian fighters of … Continue reading

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Muslims are the new Jews

By  India Knight Very little makes sense in this business about Jack Straw, Muslim women and veils. Aishah Azmi, a teaching assistant from Dewsbury, Yorks, was last week suspended for refusing to take her veil off in class – she … Continue reading

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The Great Experiment

By Uri Avnery Is it possible to force a whole people to submit to foreign occupation by starving it? That is, certainly, an interesting question. So interesting, indeed, that the governments of Israel and the United States, in close cooperation … Continue reading

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