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STOP ALL the clocks

By Iain Macwhirter .  He is dead. Saddam Hussein had a rather good death, and dictators shouldn’t have good deaths. He went to the gallows in dignity, holding the Koran, urging reconciliation, his head uncovered amid his captors’ balaclavas. The … Continue reading

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Robert Fisk: A dictator created then destroyed by America

Published: 30 December 2006 Saddam to the gallows. It was an easy equation. Who could be more deserving of that last walk to the scaffold – that crack of the neck at the end of a rope – than the Beast … Continue reading

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فصل شرف العالم غناه بعمله

  كتاب – صيد الخاطر-الشيخ الإمام العالم أبو الفرج عبد الرحمن بن علي بن محمد بن الجوزي رحمة الله عليه رأيت من أعظم حيل الشيطان ومكره أن يحيط أرباب الأموال بالآمال والتشاغل باللذات فإذا علقهم بالمال – تحريضاً على جمعه وحثا … Continue reading

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Israel admits it may have hit ambulance

  Mark Dodd December 27, 2006 THE Israeli army has admitted its soldiers may have fired on a Red Cross ambulance during the war in Lebanon – an incident Foreign Minister Alexander Downer claimed was a hoax that had duped … Continue reading

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ADL Breaks With Pack On Church-State

 oxman signals shift in tactics with attack on Evangelical power in U.S.   James D. Besser/Washington – Washington Correspondent Warning that the Evangelical right has made alarming gains in social and political influence, a leading Jewish church-state watchdog is calling for … Continue reading

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End of the Strongmen

Do America and Israel Want the Middle East Engulfed By Civil War? By JONATHAN COOK – Counterpunch December 19, 2006 The era of the Middle East strongman, propped up by and enforcing Western policy, appears well and truly over. His … Continue reading

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Israeli freed by Hezbollah in 2004 admits drug deal

he Associated Press Published: December 20, 2006   JERUSALEM: Elhanan Tannenbaum, an Israeli reserve colonel abducted in 2000 in Lebanon in murky circumstances and held in captivity by Hezbollah for more than three years, admitted Wednesday for the first time … Continue reading

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