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Qassem: “They kept me in the company of criminals and murderers”

By Khalid Amayreh April 25, 2009 Just released from a PA lockup ostensibly in connection with his outspoken criticisms of the Palestinian Authority, Abdul Sattar Qassem has accused his incarcerators of mistreating and humiliating him. "They kept me in the … Continue reading

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Lies And Torture

When Policies And Words Diverge by Emily Spence / April 22nd, 2009 The United States is committed to the worldwide elimination of torture and we are leading this fight by example. – President Bush in June 2003 I’m aware our … Continue reading

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The Fall of the American Empire

by Doug Page / April 23rd, 2009 The Connection between Torture, Wall Street Bank Profits and Our Descent into Poverty We who are watching President Obama carefully observe that he has betrayed us. For unknown, hopefully innocent and unknowing reasons, … Continue reading

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AIPAC, NSA Spying and the Corruption of Congress

by Tom Burghardt / April 23rd, 2009 A major scandal involving a top Democrat, the Israeli lobby-shop AIPAC and charges that former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales sought congressional help to suppress media reports of systematic, illegal warrantless surveillance of … Continue reading

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قيامة يسوع أو بعثه

قيامة يسوع أو بعثه د. زينب عبد العزيز (المصريون) : بتاريخ 22 – 4 – 2009 فى كتاب بعنوان "عن الحقيقة فى المسيحية" ، الصادر عام 1866 ، كتب شارل رويل Ch. Ruelle)) ، احد أساتذة التاريخ فى فرنسا قائلا: … Continue reading

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How Israel kills at will and in total impunity while the world asks the Palestinians for non-violent resistance

Frank Barat writes of the life and death of Bassem Abu Rahme, shot by an IOF soldier with “the rocket”, a new kind of weapon also used on critically injured US citizen Tristan Anderson some weeks ago. On April the … Continue reading

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Herald de Paris: “It’s time for a second look on the 9/11 events”

LONDON (Herald de Paris) – “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” Quoting Upton Sinclair, professor David Ray Griffin addressed an attentive audience at the City University of … Continue reading

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