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Why did Bachmann Listen to A Right-Wing Extremist Who Wants to Criminalize Islam?

Mon, 07/25/2011 – 4:17pm — Peter Sterne Congressional Republicans — including presidential candidate Michele Bachmann — are listening to a right-wing extremist who believes all Muslims must be deported because the United States is engaged in a “just war” against Muslims, … Continue reading

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  Famed Israeli Raid on Entebbe Airport Culminated Shin Bet-Staged Hijacking Plot By Mark Glenn Documents recently made public by the British government reveal that Israel played a direct role in the notorious hijacking of an Air France plane to … Continue reading

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Was the Norway massacre a reaction to the boycott Israel campaign?

By Gilad Atzmon 25 July 2011 Gilad Atzmon highlights Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s enthusiastic support for Israel and the sympathy he has received from Israelis and, in the light of this, asks whether Breivik might have been a “Sabbath … Continue reading

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Turkey vs the US: A Kinder Hegemon

by Eric Walberg / July 21st, 2011 Turkey’s foreign policy has changed dramatically since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the unrivalled ascendance of the US, Turkey’s principal ally since its founding as a republic in 1923. Formerly, it … Continue reading

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Empire and Zionism

by Gilad Atzmon / July 23rd, 2011 Though the number of critical voices concerning Israel, Zionism and Jewish power is growing steadily, a clear distinction can be made on the one hand between contributors who operate within the discourse and … Continue reading

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Longest Ever Interview With Lee Harvey Oswalds Girlfriend On JFK Assassination

By: Alex2245 During the interview Judyth destroys the myth of the lone gunman assassination theory and speaks directly about who she believes are the real culprits in the JFK assassination.

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Turkish Leader Proposes Gaza Visit, Setting Up Possible Clash With Israel

BY MARC CHAMPION IN ISTANBUL AND JOSHUA MITNICK IN TEL AVIV Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday he was trying to arrange a visit to Gaza, a move that highlights diplomatic challenges Israel faces amid the Arab Spring … Continue reading

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