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“Mearsheimer: Two-State Solution Dead” Transcript of Today’s Lecture Now Available

Professor Mearsheimer delivered the Hisham B. Sharabi Memorial Lecture at the Palestine Center today. Undoubtedly the most extensive talk on this issue ever made by the renowned scholar and bestselling author, Mearsheimer discusses the inevitability of full-fledged apartheid in Israel-Palestine. … Continue reading

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Caught On Video: Moments Before Afghan Massacre, A Family Celebrates

Your request is being processed… Dan Froomkin | HuffPost Reporting The video is haunting: Three Afghan men are dancing in joy, whirling, clapping, throwing their arms in the air. One has just had a baby boy. There is music … Continue reading

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The Shame of Noam Chomsky & Left Gatekeepers

The Shame of Noam Chomsky & Left Gatekeepers Nearly 9 years Later, No  9-11 Justice 9/11 NYC Firefighters Confirm Controlled Demolition The Criminal Rothschilds Short History of Federal Reserve Bank Eustace Mullins: THE MAGICAL MONEY MACHINE-THE FED Link to Rest … Continue reading

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MI5 files on 7/7 attacks ‘impossible’ to access

Fifty-two innocent people were killed in the bombings It would be "impossible" to reveal secret MI5 files about the 7/7 London terror attacks, a court has been told. The claim has been made at a hearing to decide the format … Continue reading

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How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 23:03 Christopher Bollyn   afrikaans albanian arabic belarusian bulgarian catalan chinese chinese simplified chinese traditional croatian czech danish dutch english estonian finnish french galician german greek hindi hungarian icelandic indonesian irish italian japanese korean latvian lithuanian … Continue reading

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Settler Sewage Ruins Palestinian Crops, Drinking Water

By Mel Frykberg Vineyard in Beit Ummar village, flooded with sewage from nearby Israeli settlement. Credit:Palestine Solidarity Project. BEIT UMMAR, West Bank, Apr 28, 2010 (IPS) – Residents of this Palestinian village refuse to buy the idea that the flood … Continue reading

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War propaganda from Afghanistan

Glenn Greenwald, April 28, 2010 The New York Times yesterday excitedly declared that the imminent Battle of Kandahar "has become the make-or-break offensive of the eight-and-half-year [Afghanistan] war" and is "the pivotal test of President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy."  As Atrios … Continue reading

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