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Israel Did 7/7 And 911 Part I

Posted on September 28, 2011 by horse237 I previously said the Israel Banking Network had assassinated President Kennedy. They passed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act) to de-industrialize America. By sending 50,000 manufacturing plants overseas, they intentionally created supply lines 8,000 miles long … Continue reading

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Progressive Choseness: Gilad Atzmon Video Analyzes Israeli Zionist Mentality in Stuttgart

Al-Jazeerah Some Palestinian solidarity campaigners are excited this morning about Rabbi Eric Yoffie’s pearls of wisdom. The outgoing President of the Union for Reform Judaism, wrote in a recent blog post for the Jerusalem Post: “I care about humankind, but I … Continue reading

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آخر أخبار مباراة الثورة / المجلس العسكرى

 كتابات د. ياسر نجم معسكر الإعداد أقام المجلس العسكرى معسكر الإعداد فى واشنطن تخللته تدريبات قوية مع مجلس الأمن القومى الأمريكى بمشاركة فعالة من المخابرات المصرية… أما الثورة فقد اكتفت بالتدريبات الإعتيادية فى ميادين التحرير والأربعين ومسجد عبد القادر ابراهيم … Continue reading

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9/11/11: Orgy of Deception

September 10, 2011 (left, spinning high treason by our ‘leaders’ into a maudlin appeal to patriotism.)  An atrocity such as 9-11 does not require commemoration. It requires justice! The murder of more than 3,000 Americans hasn’t been avenged. Instead, it has … Continue reading

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Oakland Children’s Museum Cancels Palestinian Children’s Art Exhibit Under Pressure from Local Jewish Groups

Berkeley, CA’s Middle East Children’s Alliance broke the news yesterday that the exhibit of children’s artwork from Gaza that they had worked on for months with Oakland’s Children’s Museum of Art was suddenly canceled by the board before the planned September 24 opening reception. … Continue reading

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